More Than A Crush – @forthefoxesband ❤

your more than a crush
your more than just ramen instant lunch
and if I ever bought an ice cream cake
I’d save you the crunch
and if you went blind (blind blind blind)
I’d hold you close and be your set of eyes
finding your lips as the kiss against mine
well I think we should try

Cause all of your lovin’
It’ll keep me awake It’ll keep me insane
All of your lovin’
can be something more than a smile on my face
and how I need you oh so much
your more than a crush.

your more than a fact
your more than the thought on the back of a snapple cap
a tooth brush bracelet with no gift wrap
well Im sat-isfied
and baby I’ll try (try try try)
to say all the things that’ll make you smile
If you want I can stay for a while
maybe keep you in style

All of your lovin’
if you took it away it’d never be the same
all of your lovin’
is making me say all the things that I say
and how I need you oh so much
I wanna feel all your love

Just trust me…your more than a crush

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