Review: Twenty One Rooms | NGHBRS

Now, I don’t want to “toot our own horn” or whatever, but when we released our second compilation last month (PS, go download that bad boy), I like to think that we made some pretty great choices regarding the bands we chose to include. Of those included, we have NGHBRS – one of Alternative Press’ 100 Bands You Need to Know and an AbsolutePunk.net Band to Watch.

And rightfully so.

On their debut full-length Twenty One Rooms, NGHBRS produce a sound that can draw countless comparisons, but in the end, is something that is only theirs. For a very new band, the nearly-automatic discernability of their sound is impressive.

Lead single and album intro “Hold Up Girl” premiered a little while back, and it makes sense to use the track in both of those aspects – it’s just as catchy as it is accessible.

Whether they’re slowly, achingly swooning (“1990,” “Wake Me in the Morning”) or raising the tempo with full-band energy and shredded guitar solos (“Twenty One Rooms,” “Dead Man’s Reprise,” “Beneath the Raging Sun”), the band shows a diverse skill set in what they can do with their sound.

Near the end of 2012, the band chose to lock themselves away in the abandoned estate of William Cullen Bryant, an esteemed journalist and poet. For two months, they reclused themselves within the rumoured-to-be-haunted mansion without television or internet. This lingering eeriness, accompanied with a bundled sense of isolation, timeliness, vacancy, and history can be heard throughout Twenty One Rooms, most obviously on “Everything Was Beautiful…,” which opens with Vonnegut’s famous quote from Slaughterhouse Five.

Twenty One Rooms is a special record. Upon a first listen, it’s good. Hell, it’s very good. But the more you listen to it, the more the intricacies stand out, the more you hear the little things that make it a special record. NGHBRS deliver an album that has something for any occasion and have a sound that is for everyone.

Word of advice: watch this band closely.

Release Date: July 16th, 2013
Rating: 4.25/5
Runtime: 35:16

1. Hold Up Girl
2. 1990
3. We Were Wolves
4. Twenty One Rooms
5. Wake Me in the Morning
6. Beneath the Raging Sun
7. “Everything Was Beautiful…”
8. Dead Man’s Bluse
9. Dead Man’s Reprise
10. Screwtape
11. Green River

Jordan Schneider
Ian Kenny
Tommy Fleischmann
Eric Vivelo

Written By: Eric Riley

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