Review:: Definitely Different | Jodi Good


With some of the biggest female artists around releasing new music, it would be pretty easy for a not-so-widely-known vocalist to fall into the background this summer. Frontrunner Sara Bareilles just released a (fantastic) new album, Ellie Goulding’s latest record is being rereleased in August with about an album’s worth of new material, and those are just the two that I can think of at the moment.

However, that doesn’t leave just a big pile of hopelessness for those who haven’t found major labels or sold-out venues.

Cue Jodi Good – a 22 year-old New York City-based singer/songwriter with a soulful voice, a scholarship from Berklee, and an eccentricity that rivals most. On her debut EP, Good produces a handful of tracks that range from heartbreakingly vulnerable to infectiously poppy.

The EP, Definitely Different, with extra emphasis on the lead-off title track, possesses a sense of personality and bold empowerment that echoes throughout the eighteen-minute record.

“Definitely Different” is a quirky, upbeat representation of individuality and self-respect – it’s half Demi Lovato, half Chicago’s “Saturdays In the Park.”

Vocally, Good shows some great range. “Stranger to Me” is dark and brooding, as “Loving Into Leaving” shares the same heartache, but is delivered lighter. Meanwhile, “Skin and Bones” combines the two into a twisting ballad with highs and lows, speedy choruses and mellowed verses.

Closer “Where Did We Go Wrong” is a confessional, questioning the two sides of the split of a relationship – “Where did we go wrong? / And how did I get stuck with all the pain / while you slipped away with freedom? … Two hearts never break apart equally / one takes the sorrow for two.” Layered guitars and piano keys somberly add ambiance to the background before shifting and lightening.

As a whole, Definitely Different is a virtuous collection of self-acceptance and personal expression. Jodi Good provides a mixture of bold wit, clever humor, and autobiographic authenticity into her music. And with those values in-tow, the notion of being different isn’t a cause for concern, because different is better.

Release Date: July 30th, 2013
Rating: 3.75/5
Runtime: 18:21

1. “Definitely Different”
2. “Loving Into Leaving”
3. “Stranger To Me”
4. “Skin and Bones”
5. “Where Did We Go Wrong”

Written By: Eric Riley

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