Interview With:: Mime Game


First off, please introduce yourself and tell us what you do in the band!
Hi! I’m Dillon DeVoe and I’m the painter around these parts. I take ideas from inside my head and aurally preserve them for your listening pleasure. Kind of like your own, musical Bob Ross, just painting happy little trees and lakes all over the inside walls of your mind. For the less abstract, I write the lyrics, sing and play the guitar. 

When recording your EP, Do Your Work, you guys recorded with Rick Parker (Motorcycle Club and Sugarcult) and Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots).  What made you decide to team up with Rick and Scott to record that EP?
Rick is a beautiful and brilliant soul who also did the first Good Old War record. For those unfamiliar, Good Old War has been known to back Anthony Green of Circa Survive on his solo tours. Also, their song “Coney Island” is one of my favorite songs of all time. I was incredibly impressed by his ability to make a bass, drums, vocals and an acoustic guitar into such a masterpiece. Someone who could take such a stripped down formula and make it so compelling seemed like the right guy for the job to me. We never really met Scott Weiland through the recording process, but we did end up doing the drums for our EP at Lavish, his studio in Burbank, and it was really the ultimate experience through and through.

Under the Gun ranked your EP as their number one EP release of 2013 (congrats!!). What album was your favorite release of 2013 and why?
Thank you so much! Under The Gun has been really good to us and we love them dearly. I am in love with The 1975’s debut. It seriously never left my CD player in my car for a month or so. I’m also in love with “Melophobia”, the new Cage The Elephant record. It is so clean.

You guys announced via Facebook that you would be releasing a music video later this month. Can you tell us a little about the music video? (Which song it’s for, what the concept is for the video, etc.)
The video just debuted on GuitarWorld.com on Thursday the 30th of Jan. and it was an awesome success. People really seem to love it. It’s honestly just an introduction to the band. We play, we laugh, we have a good time, it’s tight. The song is called “Do You” and it’s about not succumbing to the pressures of the world that tell you to compromise yourself and change to be able to thrive.

Not only did you guys perform at SXSW last year, but you’ll be returning to perform again this year. What is your view on a showcase like SXSW which features hundreds of bands? What do you think sets you a part from these other artists?
I think that to be heard above the noise at SXSW, you really have to be THAT band for the year. The one that makes everyone talk. Sometimes the stars align and there are some miracle stories and sometimes people just get drunk and have fun and lose their voice. It all depends on how seriously you take it. Having been signed and dropped before and wanting nothing more than to do this for the rest of my life, I’m hoping to go down there and do more than just party. Maybe if the stars align then we can really be that band that breaks out.

Mime Game was initially a side project back in 2007. How do you think Mime Game has grown since then? What made you decide to continue the band after so many years?
Mime Game was more of a manifestation of my musical happenings as a person. Kind of like a diagnosis more than a band name. The moniker seemed to fit because it said, “this is unassuming and this seems kind of fun,” but I really aim to shake the world. Since it was a humble, basement-recorded side project, to the bludgeoning band it now is, the growth has been exponential. I’ve finally found members that feel like a family. The sound evolved from lo-fi freak-folk to a more lush, alternative/rock sound and I’m loving it. Everything about this band just fits like a glove now.

What can we expect next from Mime Game?
Just a lot of fun for awhile. There’s nothing left to fight about when you’re comfortable with yourself. If anyone should so desire to encroach on our peace though, it’s on like Sex Bob-omb Vs. the dragon DJ dudes from Scott Pilgrim. But really, we aim to make an album that you will remember forever in 2014 and we will be touring in the summer and fall so look out for all that and come meet up with us at SXSW!

Thanks for your time! Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Yeah, we love people and we would never really attack them with sound waves. 
For more info on Mime Game: Website | Facebook | Twitter | BandCamp

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