Review:: In The Inbetween | Seiichi Daimo

Singer-songwriter Seiichi Daimo recently released his debut EP, In The Inbetween, which combines the sound of folk with lyrics similar to indie-pop songs. Daimo’s style is unique as he includes many aspects of different genres in his music. Throughout this EP, we are able to see the versatility in Daimo’s voice and how well it pairs with multiple instruments, which makes his music truly diverse.

Daimo’s lyrics are easily relatable since he sings about life, love, and inequality. In his song “Wishing Well,” Daimo sings about how frustrating the world can be sometimes. “So much pain in this world / So much suffering / Then I have to listen to some bitch complain / How she didn’t get skim in her latte.” He then goes on to sing “Hope’s a hard thing to hold on to / When people come and people go down / Down the wishing well.” Many people have had dreams of their own they wish to accomplish someday and Daimo’s song is about how hard it is to be optimistic in times of trouble. 

In a recent interview, Daimo said “For me, music is a medium where you can be completely honest and vulnerable. We all have closets we hide in, but music can break down those walls and connect us. I want to share my heart with whoever wants to listen.” Simply put, In The Inbetween is full of inspirational lyrics sung by a talented musician. It’s worth listening to if you enjoy folk songs or if you are open to listening to different styles of music. (Plus there’s a banjo…how cool is that?!)

Release Date: February 25th, 2014

Rating: 3.8/5
Runtime: 18 minutes

Track Listing:
1. In The Inbetween
2. Can You Hear Me
3. Wishing Well
4. Moon

Written By: Kerianne Wilson

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