50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW (Part 3)


Since none of us here at Lucy Out Loud will be able to attend SXSW this year, we’ve put together a list of 50 acts(in no particular order) we think those of you that are attending shouldn’t miss! 

To check out our third installment (acts 21-30), click “Read More”!

*Note: some acts we’ve included are performing at South By So What?! and not South By South West. However, since the festival takes place during the week of South By Southwest, we’ve decided to still include them in our list!

Part 3 (Acts 21-30). Check out Part 1Part 2

  1. Night Riots
    This band has achieved amazing success over the past four years including being dubbed “one of the top 16 unsigned bands in North America” by Rolling Stone Magazine and “one of the most critically overlooked bands (of 2012)” by MTV Buzzworthy. Their last EP had fans and critics buzzing as the EP displayed a new confidence from the band. We’ve seen Night Riot progress a lot since 2010 and we can only expect even more success this year!
    Where to catch Night Riots: 3.14 – 3:30pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ Blind Pig Rooftop; 3.15 – 8pm – Official SXSW Showcase @ Buffalo Billiards

  2. Lost in Los Angeles
    This “dream-induced indie pop” band uses their music as a way to explore their dreams and share their stories with their listeners. The LA-based trio are planning on following up their SXSW performances with a new single and a full length album to be released this spring!
    Where to catch Lost in Los Angeles: 3.12 – 3:20pm @ The Shiner Saloon; 3.13 – 10pm – Heart of Texas Rockfest @ Main Outdoor Stage; 3.14 – 12pm – Big Picture Media Showcase – The Blind Pig Rooftop; 3.14 – 10pm @ Blue Moon

  3. We Came As Romans
    While they may be third-billed on their current tour with Asking Alexandria and August Burns Red, that doesn’t mean We Came as Romans don’t know how to take full control over a crowd from onstage. Expect them to treat this set as a headliner. 
    Where to catch We Came As Romans: 3.14 – South By So What?! @ Quiktrip Park

  4. Two Cow Garage
    These Ohio natives released their last album, The Death of the Self Preservation Society, back in September and have been doing nothing but touring ever since! In total, the band has ranked up nearly 100 tour dates in the US and UK, quite impressive for any band to accomplish in six months. With a great raw rock sound, this is a band you seriously don’t want to miss.
    Where to catch Two Cow Garage: 3.12 – 6pm – Midcoast Takeover @ Shangri La; 3.13 – 10pm @ Soho Lounge; 3.14 – 5:45pm – Midcoast Takeover @ Shangri La; 1am @ Headhunters

  5. Mindless Self Indulgence
    It’s tough to tell you what to expect from Mindless Self Indulgence. Because if there’s one safe bet to make, you can be sure that MSI will be unpredictable. But, with this craziness comes unmatchable energy and a performance that is seriously enjoyable.
    Where to catch Mindless Self Indulgence: 3.15 – South By So What?! @ Quiktrip Park

  6. For The Foxes
    From the first time I [Lucy] saw these guys back in 2009, I knew that For The Foxes were one to keep my eye on. After signing to Hopeless Records back in 2011, the band has done nothing but create a giant buzz around them. Their indie-infused, ‘80s influenced sound is one that is truly unique and makes them one of our must see bands at SXSW!
    Where to catch For The Foxes: 3.12 – Between 12pm to 11pm – The FREE All Day Super Awesome Fun Time Party @ The Aquarium; 3.14 – Between 12pm to 6pm – Charlie Says “Fest!” @ 2326 E Cesar Chavez St

  7. Alesana
    There’s been a bit of a gap since the last time we heard from Alesana. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Their identifiable dual vocalled sound, backed by cinematic lyrics and harsh instrumentals, translate greatly to their live show. So, we hope that the time they’ve spent away, focusing on writing and recording and such, magnifies this even further.
    Where to catch Alesana: 3.15 – South By So What?! @ Quiktrip Park

    One of the best, most refreshing bands that we’ve been introduced to recently, NGHBRS spent months tucked away in an old mansion to record their debut album. Now, with a stellar sound and a brilliant album in-tow, they’ve returned to society and are making one hell of an impression!
    Where to catch NGHBRS: 3.11 – 5pm – Third String Productions Showcase @ The Aquarium 3.12 – 5pm – Red Gorilla Showcase @ Bourbon Girl; 3.13 – 5:25pm – Set.FM Showcase @ Hyde Park Bar and Grill; 3.14 – 4:40pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ Blind Pig Rooftop

  9. Bad Veins
    Indie pop duo Bad Veins gained recognition when they won the Target Music Maker Award at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2008. Even though their last album was released back in 2012, the band is sure to be one of the buzz bands of this year! 
    Where to catch Bad Veins: 3.12 – 1am – SXSW Official Showcase @ Quantum Lounge; 3.14 – 1:40pm – Flowerbooking Showcase @ Cheer Up Charlies

  10. Ringo Deathstarr
    Ringo Deathstarr has had great success in Japan with their “shoegaze” sound similar to My Blood Valentine. The band will be releasing a limited pressing of their EP (previously only available in Japan) on March 25th. Ringo Deathstarr is spending the next few weeks touring in the US and will be playing three showcases at SXSW – so get your asses to at least one of them!
    Where to catch Ringo Deathstarr: 3.13 – 5:45pm – Gueros Frenchie Smith Records; 3.14 – 4:45pm – Exploding in Sound Party @ Hole in the Wall; 10:15pm @ Swan Dive Patio

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