Boston Calling Interview With:: Samuel Adams

Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about Samuel Adams, for those few people who may not be familiar with you.
–I’m Jennifer Glanville and I’m a Brewer & the Director of Brewery Programs at Samuel Adams. For those who don’t know, Samuel Adams is America’s leading craft brewer. We brew handcrafted, full-flavored beers with the world’s finest ingredients. Our Founder & Brewer Jim Koch first brewed Samuel Adams Boston Lager in his kitchen in 1984, thirty years ago, challenging conventional thinking about beer. Today, we continue to innovate, and we’re always brewing something new over at our Boston Brewery.

For those unaware, Sam Adams is bringing Octoberfest to this fall’s Boston Calling Festival! Can you tell us a little more about this and where the idea came from to intertwine Octoberfest with Boston Calling?
–Yes. This year, we’re teaming up with the Boston Calling festival for our annual Boston Octoberfest celebration. While different from years past, we’re thrilled to have such a passionate crowd and such great music as part of this year’s celebration as part of Boston Calling. We just couldn’t resist linking up these two great events. So this year, anyone who attends Boston Calling, who is 21+, will be able to enjoy the festival in true Samuel Adams Octoberfest style, with our OctoberFest beer (of course!) as well as stein-hoisting competitions, traditional German fare such as warm pretzels and grilled sausages, and lawn games in a beer hall setting. And, for those who can’t make it to Boston Calling, we are planning an additional Octoberfest event at our Boston Brewery this fall.

Based on your experience sponsoring the festival back in May, what sort of crowd are you anticipating this time around?
–It’s a great crowd. Passionate folks who love great live music and craft beer, and we’re expecting the same for the September festival.

Boston Calling is one of the more diverse festivals and has only been around since last year. What else do you think makes this festival such a huge hit?
–I think there are a lot of really great things about the festival but one of the big ones is – it’s Boston! At Sam Adams, we’re proud to call Boston our hometown. Great people, great music, great craft beer. You can’t go wrong.

This marks the 30th Anniversary of Samuel Adams, and that’s a big landmark! What does turning 30 mean to you and what do you feel is the company’s biggest achievement up to this point?
–The craft brewing community might be booming now, but it didn’t happen overnight. Thirty years ago when Jim Koch started Samuel Adams in his kitchen, there were about 80 breweries in the US. Now, the craft brewing community is thriving with more than 3,000 operating craft breweries in the US producing high-quality, full flavored beers. So I think that’s one of the most exciting things about our 30th anniversary – and probably our greatest achievement – helping to lead the craft beer revolution, and seeing how far the industry has come since then.

Who are you most excited to see at September’s festival, or have you heard any buzz about certain artists from your fellow employees
–There’s a lot of buzz in the brewery about so many of the artists performing at the festival. Lots of folks are really pumped for Friday night and The National.

Can we expect to see Samuel Adam’s sponsoring the festival’s next edition (hopefully in May)?
–We love this event but can’t say for sure. We’ll see!

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