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Review:: Right State of Mind | Holy Ghost Tent Revival

After a successful campaign on Kickstarter raising almost $23,000, Holy Ghost Tent Revival has finally released their long awaited third album Right State of Mind, and well, it’s different. The new album brings a refined maturity to this indie rock band’s unique tone. They have shed their fun and folksy skin for a soulful rock one.

Holy Ghost Tent Revival is not one to fit the mold of a specific music genre.  Their sound has been influenced by their bluegrass roots, jazz inspirations, and rock n’ roll.  Right State of Mind marks a transition to a soulful indie-rock band.  It’s an album about life explorations, momentous experiences, and self-awakening.  While the album is great in itself, the harmonized, fast-paced vocals and horns have less of an influence opting for electric guitars and relaxed melodies.

Holy Ghost Tent Revival has found a way to merge their horns and electric guitars to reinforce their lyrics. “Got Anew” is the opening tracks and sets the 60’s rock influences with soft upbeat music to accompany lazy vocals.   “Sun/Shadow” has a beautiful uplifting twang to it. The acoustic guitar supports the song’s truthful lyrics and reveals a deeper side of HGTR.

The song “Trouble with the Truth” reminds us that HGTR is still the band we fell in love with on their first album, but have just matured. The horns are pronounced and stand at attention bringing a sense of satisfaction.  It’s not as fast-paced as their older music, but you can still find yourself swing dancing to the beat.  They gotta do what they do.

What sets Holy Ghost Tent Revival from other bands is their use of brass instruments and harmonized choruses, but we see less of that on Right State of Mind. Of course it’s expected that HGTR won’t have the same sound as they did seven years ago.  Gone are the days of fun, indie-folk music and now we have a cultured band who wants you to have the right state of mind for their new direction in music.

Release Date: September 16th, 2014
Rating: 3.5/5
Runtime:  ~35 minutes

Track listing:
1. Got Anew
2. Right State of Mind
3. Sun/Shadow
4. Broken Spirit
5. Trouble With the Truth
6. Big Big World
7. Blackout
8. If I Lie
9. Too Bad
10. Shadow Only Knows

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