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Review:: Talking In Your Sleep | The Cinema


After two years of writing and producing to make theirsophomore album perfect, The Cinema has released their newest full length Talking In Your Sleep. Consisting of Leighton Antelman, lead vocalist of Lydia, and music producer Matt Malpass The Cinema melds different types of music to create a unique feel in their new album. Melodies are layered in a modern way to make each song its own. Piano and guitar is entwined with synth beats and even auto-tune to go mellow vocals. Songs are contently upbeat, like someone remixed your favorite indie-rock songs.

The album is mixture of relaxing and upbeat, and you don’tknow what to expect with the next song. “Call it in the Air” starts off the album with a sense of curiosity as it perfectly blends the elements to expect like soft piano touches, snippets of auto-tune, and Antelman’s indie vocals. Antelman’s soothing voice makes sure to keep the mellowness still intact even with an upbeat chorus. “Turn It On” is a more piano-driven song that
foreshadows the more upbeat “Crazy.” It’s a quirky love song where the soothing vocals plays off the playful tempo of the melody. Usually auto-tune is not something an indie
fan would love, but here it’s a nice complement.

A personal favorite is “Punchline” which has featured vocals from Mindy White. Malpass, Antelman, and White create a complex three-part harmony for a powerful intertwining chorus. It’s by far the most unique song with its layered chorus and upbeat electro-pop beats. “Ghost” is another song that has gotten a lot of attention. It has a haunting synth driven melody with tortured lyrics drowning within and submerging unsuspecting victims with it.

As much as this album intrigues especially with combining indie and electronic music, there is something about Antelman’s vocals that throws me off. It seems to remain the
same pace through the whole album, which is between a slow and normal pace. Though, you could blame it on the fact that not many people combine an obvious indie voice with electronica beats. Antelman’s voice grows on you as the one constant you get with the unique melodies.

Talking in Your Sleep is an album that takes you into a different world of music. Who says genres have to exclusive to each other? The Cinema combines indie, electro, pop, and rock all in one album. It’s a happy album that will definitely bring you back from a bad mood you were in before. You didn’t think you needed it at first, but perfectly fits in as the not too upbeat and not too slow record you got to have.

Release Date: December 16th, 2014
Rating: 3/5
Run time: ~36 minutes
Check out: Punchline, Weekend

Track listing:
1. Call It in the Air
2. Turn It On (feat. Aaron Marsh)
3. Crazy
4. She Knows
5. Ghost
6. Punchline (feat. Mindy White)
7. Talking in Your Sleep
8. Dancing Round Me
9. Weekend
10. Going Down


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