5 Questions With: Dylan Gardner [SXSW Edition]

We’ve been fans of Dylan Gardner for over a year now and the talent this kid has is incredibly impressive. At only 18, Dylan is currently signed to Warner Bros. Records and will be taking over the world by storm; we don’t doubt it one bit. We spoke with Dylan about what got him into music, some performances he was able to catch at SXSW, and the struggles of being a young performer! Check out our interview with Dylan below!

We’ve been huge fans
since we first received your album last summer and were absolutely intrigued
with how passionate you are about music. What first gave you the push to begin
writing and playing music?
Thank you! Well, I’ve been performing
music since I was a non-lucid child! I started my musical journey as a drummer
wanting to be like my brother and as I grew up I was attracted to more melodic
instruments like guitar and piano. When I moved to Arizona in 2010, I just sat
down and wrote my first fully realized song in the first couple days I lived
there, for no reason. When the family heard the song through the door, they
encouraged me to keep writing. Ever since then I’ve been writing as many songs
as I can imagine!

Since South By Southwest is filled with tons of incredible acts, were you
excited to catch any artists in particular? Did you stumble across any new
artists that you are now a fan of?
Of course. This is my first time at
SXSW and just looking at the bills of the shows I’m playing on I wanted to see
the bands before and after me. I wanted to catch acts like Spoon, Win Butler,
the Zombies, the Residents etc. but on the road with my schedule unfortunately
there’s just no time. *sad face* Next time though!

Not only are you a singer, but you’re also a songwriter and
multi-instrumentalist AND you signed to Warner Bros. Records shortly after your
album was released independently. Everyone has a different way of defining how
and when they make it, whether it’s a radio single or playing sold-out shows.
How do you measure your success?
Success to me is when someone who
hasn’t heard the record has an opinion on it. But honestly I don’t try to
justify or measure any kind of success; I just hope people will hear the record
and come have a fun experience with me at the shows! Sometimes unsuccessful
bands have radio singles, and bands that play sold out shows don’t have a radio
single. I say save yourself the headache and instead worry about what kind of
string arrangements you want on your next record.

Being that you are only 18 and there are tons of venues that do have age
restrictions, have you ever had any issues with getting into one of your own
I have this issue all the time haha
I’ve also missed a shameful amount of legendary shows do to my age. I hate it.
I hate age restricted shows. No, I don’t want your stupid liquor I just want to
watch Grouplove burn down the Crescent Ballroom on stage, is that such a
problem? Even some shows on this tour have been 21+, so technically I’m not
allowed to be at my own show!

Though you released your album initially in May of 2014, it was released via
Warner Bros. Records in October of 2014. Are you currently working on a new
album? If so, can you tell us a little about it?
As a songwriter, I’m constantly thinking
about the future and the next album to the nth power. Yes, a second album is in
the works. I look forward to making the next record more than anything else in
my life. Growing up, I’ve always known of the responsibility that comes with
making your second record. People say you get your whole life to make your
first record. I say for me it’s the second.

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