5 Questions With: Courage My Love [SBSW Edition]

We had the chance to chat with Mercedes Arn-Horn,
singer/guitarist of Canadian pop punk band, Courage My Love. We spoke about
their tour with Hawthorne Heights, performing at South By So What, and the band’s
new full-length, Becoming. Check out
the interview below!

You guys have been
crazy busy lately. On top of playing at South By So What?!, you also performed
at Never Say Never Fest, released your brand new album, and joined Hawthorne
Heights’ “Stripped Down To The Bone” tour. What keeps you guys motivated to stay
so busy?
We’re always at our happiest when
we’re being productive, and we really enjoy what we do so it never feels like

What act were you most excited to catch at South By So What?! and did they meet
your expectations?
We all were so excited to see Circa
Survive, because we’ve loved their band for a long time and they put on an
amazing show. Unfortunately in the chaos of signing, interviews, loading and
early van call we missed pretty much every band we wanted to see… But we
heard they were amazing!

Even though you just released your brand new full-length, Becoming, we hear you
guys are already writing and preparing to record a second full-length album.
With the constant touring, how do you find time to sit down and record new
It can be hard to make time for
everything we want to do, but we find a way to do it. Even just writing lyrics
on the long drives on tour or demoing in the hotel rooms at the end of the day.
I find I’m way more inspired to write after a long tour once I’ve had some new
experiences than if I were to stay home and just focus on writing. What would I
write about?

It’s safe to say you guys are also no stranger to festivals, having played
South By So What, Never Say Never, and Warped Tour to name a few. Do you guys
prepare differently for festivals versus any other show you would normally
Festivals are always chaotic and
crazy, but a whole lot of fun. I think you pretty much just throw your gear up
there, don’t get too hung up on how the monitors sound, and just go for it. I
love the energy at festivals because everyone is there to just have a good time
and go crazy, so we try to bring that to the stage too.

What can we expect next from Courage My Love? Possibly a headlining tour?
Well not to toot our own horn or anything,
but I really think the new album is going to blow people’s minds. It’s very
different from our previous releases and i think it’s a major growth in our
sound. I can’t wait to finally record and release it. Working with producer
David Bendeth will be awesome. And we’re already planning some tours in the
near future, so keep your eyes peeled and we’ll see you on the road!

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