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Show Review: Firestarter 3/5

Firestarter, Such A Mess, and Out With The Old

Chain Reaction; Anaheim, CA

Thursday, March 5th 2015

Review and photo by Natasha Mayani.

From the outside, Chain Reaction seems like your typical hole-in-the-wall type
of venue, but once you look inside, you start to see the different band
t-shirts and stickers plastered all over the walls. Bands such as Fall Out Boy
and The All-American Rejects have played this intimate 250 capacity venue, so
this venue is a special place. It’s also a great location to check out local,
new, and upcoming bands, so that’s exactly what I decided to do.

I had never seen or heard of Firestarter, the only thing I
knew about these guys were that they’re pop-punk, and I was worried that they
were going to sound like every other new pop-punk band currently in the scene.
Nonetheless, I went in with an open mind and wanted to give them a chance.

Chain Reaction was not very crowded that night, but everyone seemed really
stoked for Firestarter. I overheard a good handful of people talk about their
excitement over them and how good they are live. Out With the Old had just
finished playing, so everyone gathered around the stage, waiting for
Firestarter to finish setting up and start their set. When the guys came out,
they looked happy and enthused to be on that stage that night and I knew I was
not going to leave disappointed.

Even with a small crowd, Firestarter didn’t let that stop them from having a
good time. They had the crowd really going, almost everyone was up on their
feet jumping, singing along, and really getting into the music. They really
knew how to keep a crowd entertained and had everyone warmed up to see the
headlining band. One of the songs I really enjoyed was “Memories,”
which reminded me of being at Warped Tour, bringing me back to the summertime and
really enjoying myself. Firestarter has a New Found Glory type of vibe to them,
and it’s something I really dig. This is a band that is sure to make it big and
is one I hope to see on the Vans Warped Tour sometime soon! If you guys haven’t
listened to Firestarter, give them a listen. I promise you won’t be

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