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Show Review:: From Indian Lakes 3/26


From Indian Lakes
Alhambra Theater – Portland, OR
Thursday, March 26, 2015

California-based band, From Indian Lakes, brought a mellow ambience to the Alhambra Theater deriving from the soft vocals of Joey Vannucchi, founder of the band, initially began it as a solo project before forming it into a five man group. Growing up with a simple lifestyle in a mountain town without any electricity or elaborate luxuries, music took the place as the main forefront of Vannucchi’s interest.

The opening bands, The Soil & the Sun and Lemolo, set the tone for the night, each possessing a strong sense of musical identity through their innovative and distinct styles through the use of unexpected, raw instrumentals such as violins, electronic keyboards,
tambourines, and even a clarinet.

As From Indian Lakes took the stage and there was an apparent melancholy energy in their presence as they began the show, charged with emotionally filled tracks reminiscent of the nostalgic indie-rock esque bands you would hear in the background of a classic Laguna Beach episode. Their high energy and popular track “Ghost,” from their most recent album Absent Sounds, was one of the most exciting points of their performance.

Going into the show with little knowledge of their music and overall background, it was clear I wasn’t the only one. The crowd seemed to be lacking interest and looked borderline bored at times, which could have been an effect of their overall lack of stage presence. During breaks between songs, it looked as if the band was struggling to fill the void, making awkward transitions, and at one point cracked a Pacific Northwest joke that didn’t exactly knock our socks off with laughter. The overall stage presence was less than vibrant from the bandmates; however, it seemed to fit with their somber attitude and soft, sharp vocal style.

About midway through the show, I came across a pair of unmistakable fans from the looks of their enthusiastic head bobbing and swaying during the set. I approached the two friends who said to be from the same hometown as the band members and knew them when they first started the band back in 2009. Without hesitation they agreed they were putting on a solid show for the night.

The band’s clever compositions, stemming from their broad use of instruments, has  always been something to appreciate. While part of that may get lost during their live show, with some factors overpowering others and leaving the more intricate pieces a bit muddled, it leads to a different way to experience them. It’s the same band, without question, you’re just hearing it differently than you would if you were home listening in your bedroom.

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