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Show Review:: Bayside 3/31


Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Review and photos by Caitlyn Willard.

It’s kind of crazy that it’s already been over fifteen years since Bayside
first entered the scene. To mark this monumental occasion, Bayside embarked on
a 15-year birthday tour, making a stop in Baltimore, MD last Tuesday.


Canadian pop punk act, Seaway kicked off the night. The band started
their set with “Your Best Friend”, a track off of their recently released EP All In My Head. There were
definitely a few die-hard fans in the audience and they didn’t miss a beat.
Their set also included songs, “Keep Your Stick On The Ice” and “Shy Guys” from
their full length Hoser.


Man Overboard were up next. These guys are very charismatic on stage and
their set was full of funny moments and dance moves. They started off with
their hit, “Real Talk,” followed by “White Lies” and “Somethings Weird”.
After a few songs the crowd surfers began to emerge, but the crowd became
especially rowdy for fan favorite “Love Your Friends, Die Laughing”. The band
ended their set with “Where I Left You” and “Rare.”


Senses Fail exploded onto the stage with a bundle of energy that
continued throughout their entire set. The band wasted no time, jumping right
into their song “Canine” off of their 2013 album Renacer. Vocalist, James
“Buddy” Nielsen, was constantly moving about the stage, throwing his microphone
into the air, and jumping on the barricade to get close with the crowd. He
really knows how to work the audience and in my opinion is one of the best
frontmen in the biz. The band did include a great mix of old and new material
and I’m sure it made the long-time fans in attendance very happy. Their setlist
included hits such as “Calling All Cars”, “Buried a Lie”, and “Can’t Be
Saved”.  The band ended their set with a massive sing-along for
crowd-favorite “Bite To Break Skin.”


The lights went dark and the Harry Potter theme song began to
play. The entire crowd roared in excitement as Bayside’s backdrop started to
glow red. The members of Bayside began to make their way out one by one as the
music continued to play. As soon as the Harry Potter theme song finished, the
band jumped right into playing “Pigsty” off their recent album Cult. The room instantly came alive as the
crowd immediately started singing along to the words.  Throughout their
set they played fan-favorites like “Mona Lisa” and “Masterpiece”. After playing
an impressive eighteen songs, they left the stage and the lights dimmed.
Shortly after, frontman Anthony Raneri came out into the audience with his
acoustic guitar to play “Don’t Call Me Peanut” off of their 2005 self-titled
album. The room instantly lit up with phones recording this special moment. The
band then joined back together on stage to end this magical night with songs
“Big Cheese” and “Devotion and Desire.”

Though the tour has come to an end, the band has released a White Edition of ‘Cult’,
which includes four extra songs and is available for purchase here!

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