Interview With:: Dylan Lloyd

Dylan Llyod is an amazing singer/songwriter who released the
first of two new EP’s to come out this year entitled Aria just this past weekend! We sat down with Dylan to discuss his
newly released EP, his most memorable moment thus far, and his connection with
his incredible fans. This is going to be one hell of a year for Dylan Lloyd and
we can’t wait to see what he has in store next!

Check out our interview with him below!

Your first solo album
“The Vault” was released in December last year and entered very
highly in the iTunes chart. What do you think it is about your music that
receives such a great response from fans? What sets you a part from other
I think the reason the
fans are responding to my music so well is because I reach out to all of them
in an interpersonal way.  My “Fan
Love Fridays” honor them specifically, as well as my constant contact with
all of them personally through social media.
It keeps me involved in their lives more than in an “artist to
fan” level.  It keeps me involved in
their lives on a “family” level.
I consider my fans family, they support me and I support them.  "Artist to Fan" interaction is
something I’m trying to set the bar for, and in many ways I feel that I’m
achieving that, and it’s translating into the great reception I’ve been getting
for my music.

You’ve got two EPs
coming out this year starting off with “Aria” which just came out!
What can fans expect to hear off the new EP?
The “Aria”
EP has been my highest charting top 100 on iTunes, and it has been my longest
charting.  So it has officially become my
most successful project to date.  I
prepped fans to expect minimal production, and honest songwriting from me…not
to say that all of my songs aren’t “honest”, but these four songs are
different.  I wrote these songs during
the most difficult time of my life…So it became a mission to convey my state
of mind to the fans.  I needed them to
know and understand what I was going through…and I needed to have my message
relate to all of them.

You could consider
this EP to be acoustic, but there is no acoustic guitar on this EP.  Two songs have only electric guitar, and two
songs have only piano.  This EP to its
core, is a pure singer/songwriter project.
My favorite record on this project is “Let Go”, and is
seemingly the fans favorite as well.

Releasing two EPs in
one year is not something we see a lot. Is there any reason behind these two
Well the second EP
will be involving a talented friend of mine named Blaise Delfino and two very
talented girls who are a duo known as Niki and Gabi.  This EP will have similar elements
songwriting wise to “Aria”, but it will have more of a Pop
approach.  I think it will be something
just as refreshing as Aria was, and I think fans will digg it.

As of recently, fans
can now find your music over on Pandora. If you had to create your own playlist
of your top 5-10 songs, who would be on it and what would your playlist be
I am extremely excited
that I have a Pandora radio station now, it’s opening up so many doors for me
now that had not been open before.  If I
had to decide on my own playlist of 5-10 songs, it would definitely involve
artists such as Michael Jackson, Ben Folds, Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews, Elton
John, Peter Gabriel, Sting, and Tears For Fears.  The songs would be “In Your Eyes”,
“Brick”, “Aurora”, “Leave Me Alone”, “Why
Should I Cry For You”, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”…to
name a few.

You’re a very gifted
songwriter. What tips or words of advice you can give to people who want to one
day be at your level?
Thank you for the
compliment I appreciate that very much!
My advice to aspiring songwriters, would be to write what you
feel…always.  No matter the format, no
matter how much experience you have, whatever you’re naturally coming up with
is the song you are meant to write.  Be
proud of the songs you write, and be confident in the songs you write, because
there will always be someone out there who will be impacted.

In your career so far
you’ve had some incredible opportunities. What was your most memorable moment
and what opportunities are you looking forward to this year?
My most memorable
moment by far was performing two nights on television in Ukraine to 150 million
people.  The television event was called
“Crimea Music Fest”, a multi-million dollar TV project that centered
around international competition between singers from all over the world.  I was the lone representative of the United
States, and to this day, am the only one in the competitions’ history.

Thanks for taking the
time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I’d like to thank you
so much for this interview, and for helping me get my message across to more
people about my music.  This means the
world to me.

For more on Dylan: Facebook
| ReverbNation | Twitter

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