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CMJ 2015: Showcases To See | Saturday, October 17th

Well guys, it’s Saturday and that means it’s the final day of CMJ! Here’s your last shot this weekend to catch some really great artists for under $10 in New York City! Today’s list consists of nine showcases and again, we’ve included some FREE showcases for those of you who have not purchased a CMJ badge this year. Keep in mind, some shows do have an age restriction (which we have included as well)! If you attend any of these showcases, reach out to us on our Twitter and let us know what new favorite band you have been introduced to!

When: 12pm
Where: The Living Room
Cost: FREE
Artists: Marlon Chaplin (12pm),
Shannon Soderlund (12:45pm), Allison Veltz (1:30pm), Steev Richter (2:20pm),
ORPHAN JANE (3:10pm)
Link: http://bit.ly/1k06lK5

Bowery CMJ Day Party
When: 12pm
Where: Pianos
Cost: FREE
Artists playing upstairs: Car Seat
Headrest (12:30pm), Zachary Cale (1:30pm), Ben Abraham (2:30pm), Aquilo
(3:30pm), Bayonne (4:30pm), Whitney (5:30pm)
Artists playing downstairs: Hooton
Tennis Club, Fraser A Gorman, Mild High Club, Nico Yaryan, Methyl Ethel, Lemon
Link: http://bit.ly/1MffJEA
Additional info: 21+

When: Doors 1:15pm
Where: Knitting Factory
Cost: FREE
Artists: The Superweaks, Thin Lips,
Pinegrove, The Dirty Nil, Casey Bolles, Superheaven
Link: http://bit.ly/1LVesnQ

Mag Showcase
When: 2pm
Where: Arlene’s Grocery
Cost: $5
Artists: RFA (2:30pm), Surf Rock Is
Dead (3:15pm), Psymon Spine (4pm), The Britanys (4:45pm), Vundabar (5:30pm)
Link: http://bit.ly/1Pp3U0z
Additional info: 21+

Media Presents CMJ Prom
When: 5pm
Where: Santos Party House
Cost: $8
Artists: Valise, Street Joy, Joni
Fatora, Buffalo Rodeo, The Fontaines, Wild Sun
Link: http://bit.ly/1OuDnyF

For Cover Showcase
When: 6:30pm
Where: Palisades
Artists: Pity Sex, Makthaverskan,
Crying, Teen Suicide, LVL UP, Petal, Spencer Radcliffe, Pinegrove
Link: http://on.fb.me/1MKkh6l

Magazine Showcase
When: 7pm
Where: The Living Room
Cost: Free w/badge, $7 for non
Artists: Pop & Obachan (7pm),
Elisa Coia (7:45pm), Bodies Be Rivers (8:30), Aimee Debeer (9:15pm), Chargeaux
(10pm), Feathers + Eyes (10:50pm), Balancer (11:40pm), The City and Horses
(12:30am), Zuli (1:20am)

Big Picture Meida +
AB co. Showcase
When: Doors at 7, Show at 8.
Where: Arlene’s Grocery
Cost: Free w/badge, $10 for non
Artists: Jocelyn & Chris Arndt
(8pm), A Love Like Pi (8:45pm), Malia Grace (9:30pm), The Gills (10:15pm),
HIGHS (11pm), Los Angelics (11:45pm), Lost In Society (12:30am), Slow Down
Molasses (1:15am)
Additional Info: 21+
Link: http://ticketf.ly/1Qmzs4z

When: Doors 8pm
Where: Knitting Factory
Cost: Free w/badge, $12 for non
Artists: Lyla Foy, S, Stealing Sheep,
Eternal Summers, Diet Cig, The Album Leaf
Link: http://bit.ly/1ROq2jq

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