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Review: The Dare | Loren


Singer/songwriter LOREN, at only 15 years old, is rebelling against the stereotype of cliche teen pop. Her style is inventive and refreshing; but most respectably, it’s individualistic. She embraces an indie pop sound that pairs seamlessly with her soft vocals.

A single off of the EP,  “Broken Telephone”, is a charming example of
her youthful point of view – a story of a typical mean girls vs. outcasts
scenario. Free spirited guitar and drums emit a light and care-free sound despite the angst of the story being told through the lyrics. The hint of subtle angst in her lyrics mixed with lighthearted pop creates the perfect recipe for describing the high school challenges of growing up; good and bad.

LOREN’s EP provides a relatable and genuine perspective on the frustrating and awkward first love experiences in the tween years of life. The track “Love Birds” is a prime example about young love and growing apart with a duet with male singer, KRISTO framed as the significant other. The track “Echo” is similar in storyline, but channels a
more whimsical, alternative sound showcasing LOREN’s experimentalism.

LOREN’s influences include Sia, Florence and the Machine, and classical artists Bach and Chopin which explains the musical range she embraces using dramatic classical aspects of string instruments as heard in the track “Runaways”.

“Foreign Love” is one of the most eccentric tracks on the EP along with “Echo” which highlights her vocal talent through vulnerable, moody lyricism. Being young to the music industry, there’s no question LOREN can only grow more talented as an artist as time goes on.

Release Date: October 23, 2015
Run time: ~13 minutes
Rating: 3/5

Track listing:
1. Broken
2. Runaways
3. Love Birds
4. Echo
5. Foreign

Written by Kelsey Rzepecki

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