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Review:: War Out There | 8 Graves


Every artist strives to make a connection with their listeners; the fine line between success and failure can be just that, a connection. New York based alternative-soul duo Brent Carpentier and Nicholas Goncalves fully wrote, produced and recorded their newest EP titled War Out There.After taking a break from music, it’s a definite improvement from the bands earlier released mixtape, yet it still lacks that connection that they long to make with their listeners.

This album seems almost cliché in the sense that it sounds like a typical alternative-rock anthem, playing out with a never-ending strain of overbearing emotions. The  album is focused on love or getting hurt and every song is bound around the  two different
sides; one with the idea of striving for that pleasure of love we all seek and the other being whether or not we’re strong enough to survive the pains of heartache. The theme was a back and forth charade that became somewhat tiresome towards the end. The album itself is a battle cry of emotion, taking in consideration the album title proclaims war. It’s a predictable story.

This five track EP begins with “Wolves.” The instrumentals match the fervor in the lyrics with the story revolving around survival of the fittest. The idea that only the strongest survive, leaving the rest to perish is a been there, done that statement. This album doesn’t quite reach its full potential to begin with but it’s a hopeful endeavor.

Criticism aside, there is greatness in 8 Graves. The recently released music video for “Two Wrongs” brought a beautiful visual to the lyrics showing how couples in love can be interpreted so simply in black and white all the while it was still thought provoking with controversial images; it was a good break from the cutthroat lyrics that only screamed pain. This story was more relatable, focusing on true love and the stages of each couples

A nice emotional twist in “I Won’t Get In” was a simple ending and almost a resolution to the constant struggle in this album. Slowing it down with a rock ballad, the song itself was endearing but it left an assortment of questions. There was no connection in the story itself; it seemed as if it was a very one-sided tale. The artists knew what they were communicating, but there was no real deciphering of the story for the listener. With such
simple instrumentals, there is more to be expected from the lyrics. It was almost like reading a book with just pictures. There was understanding in the words, but there was no depth, no impact, and no real story heard;both the artist and the listener have to understand the story. It may be interpreted in different ways, but that’s the beauty of music. There’s plenty of potential in this album, but the challenge now will be the band tapping into the right emotions and bringing greater depth to their story; this will be the deciding factor in making their connections.

Release Date: October 30, 2015
Run Time: ~18 minutes
Rating: 2/5

Track listing:
1. Wolves
2. Two Wrongs
3. You Love Me
4. Home
5. I Won’t Get In

Written by Clarissa Meneses

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