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A continuation to last winters release, we are happy to share our newest compilation, Tracks In The Snow, Volume 3! Featuring tracks from friends and bands we’ve featured on the site during 2015, Tracks In The Snow, Volume 3 includes songs from Redlands, Icarus The Owl, The Ballroom Thieves, and seven other amazing artists! Best part? It’s completely free!

Below you can find the full track listing and links to where you can stream and download the compilation!

Track listing:
1. “Peak and Valley Lines” – Icarus the Owl
2. “Alive” – Boroughs
3. “Clover” – Valise
4. “Big Talk” – Redlands
5. “Bullet” – The Ballroom Thieves
6. “Don’t Ever Leave” – Western Daughter
7. “Never Afraid” – MC Lars feat. Watsky
8. “Tuesday” – Intergalactix (So Flawless Remix)
9. “Apartment 1E” – Heartless Breakers
10. “The Best is Yet to Come” – First Year on Earth

You can listen to it on Soundcloud by clicking here,
You can download it on Mediafire by clicking here,
And you can check out our Digital Booklet by clicking here!

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