Get To Know:: Midnight Mob


Members: Blackey Deathproof (Vocals), Carly Quinn (Bass), Mickey Squeeze (Guitars), Chris Beatz (Drums)
Genre: Rock N Roll, Punk, Blues & Soul
Location: New York City
Recent Release: “Ghosts”

New York rockers, Midnight Mob, are kicking ass and for a
very good reason. Their music is filled with powerhouse vocals, gritty guitars, and what PureVolume refers to as “bone crunching riffs.” The band have been praised by Guns N’ Roses
bassist, Duff McKagen, thanks to their performance at the CBGB Music Festival
and they’ve also had songs featured on WWE’s Smackdown. With a new EP, Honest Brutal Glorious, set to be
released next month, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more tricks up this band’s
sleeve. Get to know more about Midnight Mob below!

How did Midnight Mob form and come to be what it is today?
Squeeze was actually my guitar teacher when I was 15 years old. Catastrophe,
our original drummer, taught lessons at the same place and they started
jamming. I knew Catastrophe from school and at the time he was putting a
project together with a cheesy producer named Lou. They asked me to do backing
vocals for this project. I wasn’t a singer and had serious performance anxiety
at the time, but I didn’t have any friends so I figured why not – I only had to
sing in a creepy basement! Eventually I was asked to try leads. I mustered up
the courage, pulled my ears and wailed and that’s how it happened for me. The
project soon fell through, but Catastrophe & Squeeze were working on the
side doing a band at the same time and it seemed natural to combine forces with
me as the singer. We found Carly (bassist) through a fan of the former band – numbers
were exchanged and that was that.  Our
former rhythm guitar player, Spydyr, was a good looking rocker kid that found us
on Reverbnation. We had the same line up for 4+ years until Catastrophe and
Spydyr left realizing it really wasn’t for them anymore. We were in a bad place
for over a year. On New Year’s Eve 2014, Carly and I went to see a band where Chris
Beatz was filling in on drums. He was really great, so we approached him but he was playing with
cover bands and in another group. Shortly after our fill-in drummer dropped the
ball the week of one of our shows. I contacted Chris, he filled in and
hasn’t left. The four of us decided to just rock out as a four piece and things
just seemed to work well that way.

Who are some of your musical influences
– both as a band and individually?
Carly: The Beach Boys, The
Clash, Social Distortion, Iggy Pop, Nirvana, Horrorpops, Motorhead, Johnny
Cash, The Distillers, The Supremes.

Mickey Squeeze:
Motorhead, Cheap Trick, The Wildhearts, Pink Floyd, NY Dolls,
Johnny Thunders, The Supersuckers


Etta James, Sam Cooke, Odis Redding, Clutch, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, BB King,
Clutch, Beth Hart, Queen, Pantera, Motown, Creedence, The Rolling Stones, Jeff
Buckley, Iggy pop, the dead boys, and Linda Perry.

Chris Beatz:

Led Zeppelin, Blink-182, and Buddy Rich.

What do you enjoy most about playing
EVERYTHING! We love meeting new people and having license to just be our crazy
hyperactive goofy selves and not get arrested. It’s so great to release that
energy. Few things are that freeing. You never get tired of hearing people tell
you how they listen to your cd’s all the time, told friends about you or are
genuinely proud to be a fan.

What do you do when you’re not playing
Were all are pretty into fitness and films. Carly, Squeeze
and I love to cook….Chris only eats food when someone’s mom packs it. Squeeze
has gotten really into photography and web design. Carly is a gym rat and
studies health. I’m involved in church and gotten really into studying voice
and taking lessons. Chris likes working on cars and buying onesies.

For more on Midnight Mob: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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