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Albums Released, February 2017

February was full of some incredible album releases and we felt it was only right to put together a list of those albums for you to check out! If you’re interested in purchasing one of the albums below, we’ve included links below so give these tunes some love! Also let us know what albums we may have missed on this list by sending a tweet to @_lucyoutloud!

February 3rd:
BELL The Band, BELL The Band
Bury Me In Philly, Dave Hause
The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit, Dune Rats
Sound The Alarm, Less than Jake
After the Party, The Menzingers
Bury Me In Philly, Dave Hause

February 10th:
Green, Adam Friedman
Zombies on Broadway, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness
Charm City, Carousel Kings
Forever, Figure Eight
Greyola, Greyface
The Mould You Build Yourself Around, Homebound
Heba, Lowly
No Culture, Mother Mother
Come Again, Party Nails
Soul Sick, Sallie Ford
Checkered Past, Save Ferris
How Goes The Night?, The William Shakes
Midnight Jungle, TOPANGA

February 16th:
TeamMate, TeamMate

February 17th:
All Your Fault Pt. 1, Bebe Rexha
The Long Ride Home, Danny Worsnop
I’m Only Dreaming, Eisley
Enter The Kingdom, Frontier Ruckus
Blood Jungle, Johnossi
Flesh Coffin, Lorna Shore
Who Will Save You?, MIEARS
Prisoner, Ryan Adams
Bed of Liars, The Unlikely Candidates
Earlier Things Live, Vanessa Carlton

February 24th:
Colliding By Design, Acceptance
Tumbleweed, BIG Something
Book of Changes, ENTRANCE
Landmark, Hippo Campus
Sundays, Loose Buttons
With You Tonight, Summer Moon
Suicide Silence, Suicide Silence
Strange Constellations, William Matheny

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