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Steve Grand Announces Debut Album

Chicago singer-songwriter, Steve Grand, has announced the release of his debut album. The album, All-American Boy, will be released on March 24th. Produced by Aaron Johnson (The Fray, Eve6), the album is a culmination of years of support that Steve has received from his fans. 

Following the release of the “All-American Boy” video, Grand landed on multiple television shows including Good Morning America, CNN and Larry King, hailed as a “viral sensation” and one of America’s “first openly gay country stars,” though Grand himself has never stood by the title of a country singer. He says, "I never embraced that label, but if my fans heard ‘All-American Boy’ as country, who am I to tell them ’no’? Music is subjective.” In regards to his sexuality and the LGBT community, Grand says, “I’m not trying to make any sweeping statement about any community. I’m just doing my best to be the best ‘me’ I can be. I think we can all benefit from more people letting their true-selves shine through, whatever that may look like.”

You can find the artwork and track listing to All-American Boy below!

Track List:

1) Say You Love Me
2) Red, White and Blue
3) We Are The Night
4) All-American Boy
5) Soaking Wet
6) Loving Again
7) Whiskey Crime
8) Stay
9) Next To Me
10) Time
11) Better Off
12) Run
13) Back to California