1. CMJ 2015: Showcases To See | Wednesday, October 14th

    Who’s ready for day two?! There are so many showcases going on today that we felt it was only necessary to include as many of them as possible! We’ve put together a list of 15 - yes, you read that right - showcases going on today! We don’t expect you to check them all out, but you should definitely check a few of them out (and then look up the artists you’re missing out on online so you can still show them some love). Again, we’ve included some FREE showcases for those of you who have not purchased a CMJ badge this year, but keep in mind, some shows do have an age restriction (which we have included as well)! If you attend any of these showcases, reach out to us on our Twitter and let us know what new favorite band you have been introduced to!

    Break Thru Radio CMJ Day Party
    When: 12pm
    Where: Cake Shop
    Cost: FREE
    Artists: Morgan Erina (12:30pm), Gramma’s Boyfriend (1:30pm), Beverly (2:15pm), Sweet Spirit (3pm), Palehound (3:45pm), The Ghost Ease (4:30pm), Diet Cig (5:15pm), Worriers (6pm)
    Link: http://bit.ly/1hBIHC1 
    Additional info: 21+

    Dr. Martens Stand For Something Showcase
    When: 12pm
    Where: Pianos
    Cost: FREE
    Artists playing showroom: Yung (1pm), Carseat Headrest (1:45pm), Pinact (2:30pm), Oscar (3:30pm), Expert Alterations (4:30pm), Weaves (5:15pm), Beverly (6pm)
    Artists playing upstairs: Mercury Girls (1pm), Cheatahs (1:45pm), Wildhoney (2:30pm), Hin Du (3:30pm), Hockey Dad (4:30pm), Eternal Summers (5:15pm), Shopping (6pm)
    DJs playing: Paulie (12pm), Kip (2pm), Bill (4pm), Kevin (6pm)
    Link: http://bit.ly/1NDkNEo
    Additional info: 21+

    Burger Records Showcase
    When: 12pm
    Where: Baby’s All Right
    Cost: FREE
    Artists: Cotillon, Michael Rault, Step-Panther, Warbly Jets, Thee Gooch Palms, and super special secret guests!
    Link: http://bit.ly/1k3x0Wx

    Wake The Neighbors Showcase
    When: Doors 12pm
    Where: Arlene’s Grocery
    Cost: FREE
    Artists: Kenneth Callier (12:30pm), Brooklynn (1:15pm), Sunny Gang (2pm), BLXPLTN (2:45pm), Stella (3:30pm), Fame School (4:15pm), Phony Ppl (5pm)
    Link: http://bit.ly/1OAiHny

    Deli Magazine Showcase
    When: 5pm
    Where: Rockwood Music Hall (Stages 1, 2, and 3)
    Cost: FREE
    Artists playing Stage 1: Sam Rivers (5pm), The Wild Reeds (6pm), Matt Sucich (7pm), Julia Weldon (8pm), Jaime Woods (9pm), Alpenglow (10pm), Domino Kirke (11pm), Chaos Chaos (12am), The Bright Smore (1am)
    Artists playing Stage 2: Jonathan Hoard (5:15pm), Side Saddle (6:15pm), Fairytales For The Fatherless (7:15pm), Shayna Steele (8:15pm), Morningsiders (9:15pm), The Rooks (10:!5pm), Monogem (11:15pm), Baeb Rxxth (12:15am)
    Artists playing Stage 3: Tica Douglass (5:30pm), Cassandra Jenkins (6:30pm), Civil Brother (7:30pm), Gracie and Rachel (8:30pm), Ember Isles (9:30pm), Buck Meek (10:30pm), Sorcha Richardson (11:30pm), Jake Isaac (12:30am)
    Link: http://bit.ly/1R9W2xt
    Additional info: 21+

    Black Panda PR Showcase
    When: Doors 5:30pm
    Where: The Marlin Room at Webster Hall
    Cost: $12
    Artists: herMajesty (6:15pm), Tribe Society (7pm), Secret Weapons (7:40pm), Atarah Valentine (8:20pm), The Mosers (9:05pm), Olivver the Kid (9:50pm), East Love (10:35pm), Anna Rose (11:20pm)
    Link:  http://bit.ly/1LKUyvx

    Relix and DoNYC Showcase
    When: 7pm
    Where: The Hall at MP
    Cost: Free w/badge or RSVP
    Artists: Alexander F, Catey Shaw, Søren Juul, Mail The Horse, Heyrocco
    Link: http://bit.ly/1RDQ2hc
    Additional info: 21+

    BrooklynVegan + Collect Records Showcase
    When: 7pm
    Where: Baby’s All Right
    Cost: $15
    Artists: Foxes In Fiction, Creepoid, Wax Idols, No Devotion
    Link: http://bit.ly/1jncdxa

    Panache Showcase:
    When: 7pm
    Where: Knitting Factory
    Cost: Free w/badge, $14 for non badge-holders
    Artists: Gramma’s Boyfriend, The Babe Rainbow, Sheer Agony, Slim Twig, Drinks, Juan Wauters, Ezra Furman
    Link: http://bit.ly/1LMDnK7

    ASCAP Showcase
    When: Doors 7:30pm
    Where: Studio at Webster Hall
    Cost: Free w/badge, $10 for non badge-holders
    Artists: Kevin Garrett (8:15pm), Donna Missal (9pm), Howard (9:45pm), Ne-Hi (10:30pm), Cardiknox (11:15pm), Heyrocco (12am)
    Link: http://tktwb.tw/1LH3N9W
    Additional info: 18+

    24West Official CMJ Showcase
    When: 8pm
    Where: Arlene’s Grocery
    Cost: $8
    Artists: Syvia (8pm), Owel (9pm), Controller (10pm), Young Empires (11pm)
    Link: http://bit.ly/1VR1lZf
    Additional info: 21+

    Bella Union and Hand Drawn Dracula Showcase
    When: 8pm
    Where: Palisades
    Cost: Free w/badge, $7 for non badge-holders
    Artists: chastity (8:30pm), Beliefs (9:15pm), Landshapes (10pm), DOOMSQUAD (10:45pm), Vallens (11:30pm)
    Link: http://ticketf.ly/1JDJWaj

    Crack In The Road Showcase
    When: 8pm
    Where: Pianos
    Cost: $10
    Artists: Balthazar (8pm), Cosmo Sheldrake (8:45pm), Elohim (9:30pm), Special Guest (10:15pm), Bird Dog (11pm), Bayonne (11:45pm), The Harpoons (12:30pm), Le Galaxie (1:15am)
    Link: http://bit.ly/1LhUUEq

    Harvest Records Showcase
    When: 8:15pm
    Where: The Living Room
    Cost: Free w/badge, $5 for non badge-holders
    Artists: The Greeting Committee (8:15pm), Harriet (9:15pm), Aquilo (10:30pm)
    Link: http://bit.ly/1QmAHRk

    Handsome Dad Records Showcase:
    When: 11pm
    Where: Baby’s All Right
    Cost: FREE
    Artists: Georgia, Oscar, Beach Baby, Slum Sociable
    Link: http://bit.ly/1k3xU5i
    Additional info: 21+