1. Review:: Weary Hours | Kaleigh Baker


    It seems almost impossible to combine more than two genres of music into one song. Kaleigh Baker, however, challenges and accomplishes it beautifully. This Orlando-based powerhouse brings to her newest album titled Weary Hours, an entirely different blend of sounds. She somehow manages to completely transform the meaning of genre. If you want a taste of country, rock & roll, blues, or even jazz, she brings this all to her album and more.

    New York native, Kaleigh Baker, is a songwriter with the bluesy soul of a 60-year-old music legend. She encompasses full-fledged raw talent, so be prepared to maintain a constant strain of chills. Throughout the playlist of tracks, she sets the mood of every song with constant twists and turns, fueled by her powerful, sultry lyrics. If John Mayer and Amy Winehouse were to fall deeply and madly in love, Raleigh Baker would be their outcome. Her style includes heartfelt ballads, rock & roll anthems and unforgettable blues melodies, all alongside her guitar, of course.

    The consistency in this album is astounding. Hit after hit, every song has its own charm, its own story. After listening to album opener, “What Tom Waits Would Do,” you’ll be on the edge of your seat wanting to hear what else Kaleigh can bring to the table. After a hardcore rock ballad, she slows it down in her song “Black Widow.” Expect the unexpected with this singer, just when you think you have her figured it out, she switches her tone with “Everyday.” You’ll get transported to the city of lights, where the days of the “typical” pin-up girls were the scene in the local clubs. You don’t know what you’re in for, all I can tell you is that it’s something good.

    This up-and-coming singer is the complete package. Her lyrics and tones of music make listening to this album feel like a rollercoaster ride. If you’re feeling adventurous, or you’re just in the mood to relax and drink a cold one, go ahead, listen to this album… I dare you not to like it.

    Release Date: October 16, 2015
    Run Time: ~35 minutes
    Rating: 4.5/5

    Track listing:
    1. What Would Tom Waits Do
    2. Shoot Down
    3. Down By The Sea
    4. Black Widow
    5. Sweater
    6. Vagabond Preacher
    7. Everyday (Come What May)
    8. Growing Up is Growing Old
    9. Big City Lights
    10. Pittston Pistol

    Written by Clarissa Meneses