1. Show Review:: Jaeger Wells 12/12

    Jaeger Wells
    Saturday, December 12, 2015
    Trade Winds Social Club; Dallas, TX
    Review and photos by Natalie Gaul

    Trade Winds Social Club, by definition, is a dive bar. It’s small, it’s a local favorite, it kind of has a certain smell to it, and it’s perfect for an intimate performance. I make my way over to the area where Jaeger Wells would soon be winning Dallas over with his unique voice and amazing songwriting and start setting up my camera. As I’m playing with the settings, Jaeger comes over and introduces himself to me and sits down for a small chat. As we are talking, I get to learn things that I would never have guessed. For instance he is from Maine, he has moved all over the DFW area and has settled in Houston, and the Granada Theater in Dallas is one of his favorite venues. I also learned that he is a humble guy who is 100% about his fans.


    Around 10:45-11pm, Jaeger Wells takes the floor with his band mates Vic Chan (drums) and touring bassist Zach Rabago. At this point in the night, the room is packed. I had never heard Jaeger’s music before, so this was a cherry-popper for me. He opened the set with his new song off of his new EP, Fever Dream Anthology, called ‘San Paulo Liars Club’. With that song alone, I became an instant fan. After a couple songs in, he broke off into an acoustic set and did a passionate cover of The Mountain Goats’ ‘Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton’. If you know me, you know I LOVE a good cover song. Jaeger ended the night with the eye-opening song, ‘What It Feels Like’. This is what I would say is a perfect song to end a perfect performance.

    If you didn’t get to catch him on tour this time around, make sure you follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find out when he will be performing in your town next. You will definitely catch me at his next Dallas show.