1. Get To Know:: Night Lights


    Members: Mau (Vocals/Guitar), Yusuke (Guitar), Jeff (Bass), Dag (Drums)
    Genre: Indie pop/rock
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Recent Release: “Take My Hand”

    Los Angeles indie-rockers, Night Lights, are planning to make 2016 a year full of new music! As a band that is from all over the world (Mexico, Japan, United States and Norway), fans can expect the new music to touch on their experiences of heartache, joy, fear and love. Having just released their newest music video for “Take My Hand,” their music has been described by Baeble Music as “a warm blast of dance pop, and we couldn’t agree with them more! Get to know Night Lights in our interview below!

    How did Night Lights form and come to be what it is today?
    The idea of Night Lights started in conversation around a lunch table in Boston. 3 of us got together to jam one day, and the chemistry was there. As we started writing together, we also started talking about band names, which wasn’t easy, but Night Lights was the outcome. We’re all international, so thinking about that, it’s crazy how we all ended up meeting right after we all moved to Boston for college, and now we’re best friends doing music for a living.

    Who are some of your musical influences - both as a band and individually?
    Jeff: As a band, we find common ground in our love for bands like MuteMath and Phoenix. Individually, our influences are pretty diverse. I’m a fan of just about everything from the likes of Michael Jackson to Justin Timberlake to D'Angelo to Raphael Saadiq to Kimbra to Sufjan Stevens to Silversun Pickups (I’m sure each of us could go on for days, we listen to a lot of different things). I know Dag is a really big fan of *Nsync, Mau draws the majority of his lyrical influence from his favorite band, Nickelback, and Yusuke considers Tool to be the biggest influence on his guitar playing as far as I know.

    What do you enjoy most about playing shows?
    I think my favorite thing about playing shows is the unique experiences in each one. The reactions and the creative stuff we get to output whenever we play. For example, Jeff and I love to be silly and I’m notoriously dorky so I always have some sort of silly awkward thing to say and Jeff is so quick on his feet that he makes it into a punch line. Another example is that every concert there is a song that strikes an emotional chord for every one of us that may be different every time, and its great to see what it brings out of each one of us and by extension, how that influences and elevates the room. #fitness

    What do you do when you’re not playing music?
    When I’m not playing music I love to drink good coffee and cook with friends. :)

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