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end of the semester.

these past few days have been ridiculous. i spent the weekend with my family and went to see a Christmas show - didn’t get back home until Monday. the first thing i did was my extra credit assignment for my communications class. it took 4 hours to do - redic, i know. Tuesday and yesterday i had class until 1 and work from 4-11. today i have off which is why i’m FINALLY on the computer and posting. i honestly didn’t intend for it to take this long. and tumblr from my iPhone basically refuses to work.

most likely there won’t be any updates tomorrow because i finished my classes today, but still have to do 1 more paper for my mythology final. and i work from 6-midnight tomorrow night. next week is finals and if you’re a college student like myself, you’re probably stressing too. if not…i’m envious.

anywho, i’ll try to keep you guys posted about everything! sorry for the delay!