1. Seven Bands To See At Boston Calling, May 2016: #5 The Front Bottoms

    Written by Eric Riley

    With less than a week left, we’re back with our list of who you need to be keeping an eye out for at the Boston Calling Music Festival!

    On our list so far: #7. Lizzo, #6. The Vaccines

    Today we talk about our #5 pick, The Front Bottoms.

    Great music doesn’t always have to be pretty. It’s art; sometimes art is subjective. With THE FRONT BOTTOMS, it often doesn’t feel like you’re listening to a song so much as you’re just listening to words and emotion and heart being spilled over music. Honest and shameless, they know exactly who they are and what they’re doing. It’s a breath of fresh air to have a group of musicians so sincere, and this translates into each song and performance.

    Catch Them: Sunday, 4:50 pm
    Check Out: “Peach,” “Twin Size Mattress,” “Plastic Flowers”
    For fans of: Ramshackle Glory, The Wonder Years, Andrew Jackson Jihad