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insanely tired.

not only are my finals this week, but work packed on hours for the holiday. i’m even working Christmas eve. i love my job right now, don’t get me wrong, but i’m so tired. i usually work 20 hours - tops - a week. i’m working 37 this week.

and i have an 8am final tomorrow. i had to switch shifts today for work because i was supposed to be there from 6-midnight, but switched with someone for 12-7 instead. spent the past 3 hours doing my Mythology review, which i’m not even studying until tomorrow because i have 3 hours to kill before that exam.

the worst part is that Communications is one of my most important classes and i haven’t even started studying until now. and i have no idea how the exam is even going to be because my professor gave us a review sheet filled with questions we had asked him that he said he would go over….he went over 5 out of 50+. i just need an entire day to sleep, watch Christmas movies, and cuddle up in my bed.

if you’re wondering why i’ve been slacking with updating, that would be why.