1. GirlTalk with Sara Scoggins


    It’s been almost two years since Sara “Scoggs” Scoggins started her radio show Let’s Talk Music. As one of the only female show hosts on idobi, Scoggs has used her show as a way to connect with peers and share the music she loves. Although the show first kicked off when a friend of hers at idobi asked if she ever wanted to host a show on the station, the driving force behind Let’s Talk Music has always been about cultivating a community of peers who love music and give them the opportunity to share that. Scoggs tells us, “I’ve always felt a deep connection to the friends in my life who love music the way that I do, and this was a way to make that family grow, empower listeners to have a positive conversation about what they love, and help it grow.”

    Listeners of the show are well aware of Scoggs’ kickass playlist making skills, so for this edition of GirlTalk, Scoggs has created Then and Now playlists highlighting her top 10 favorite tracks from high school including Brand New and Paramore* and her 10 current favorites including the 1975 and PVRIS. Give a listen to the playlists below!

    *Fun fact - when asked who the number one person she would love to interview would be, Scoggs tells us her dream of speaking with Hayley Williams of Paramore. She told us “I’d just love to talk to her about the evolution of Paramore and the fan base. How she has felt growing up in a band, having the ability to write about her growing pain and angst– while having a huge community by her side. A convo with her would just be so surreal because I admire her a lot, but I also feel like we might have a lot in common.”


    Photo credit: Erica Lauren

    My “Then” playlist is really funny because I’ve never stopped listening to my favorite records from with I was in high school. I still feel the same way about music as I did back then, and as I’ve gotten older, I realized that’s not a guarantee that everyone will retain that kind of connection. So, here’s some stuff I initially fell in love with back Then. 

    So many artists I’ve gotten into the past few years. There’s a lot of exciting thing happening in all corners of the music industry right now. Here’s a collection of what you can find on my Spotify search bar right now. 

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