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Band Interview: We Start Party’s

Band Name: We Start Partys
Location: Bristol - England
Members: Ben - Vox / Guitar, Matt - Drums / Vox, Dave - Vox / Bass
Ages: 20-23


Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do in the band!
We Start Partys consists of 3 members, Matt Jenkinson on Drums, Dave Sully on Vocals and Bass and Ben Hawthorne on Guitar and Vocals!

Where did the name We Start Partys come from?
We came up with it one day while just sitting down together. We wanted something fun, and summed up the sound we were pushing for, so the idea “We Start Partys” came up. it was a bold statement to make too, but figured it would push us to make sure our live shows are one big party! :D

You guys have been a band for about 3 years now. Can you tell us how We Start Partys formed and came to be what it is today?

We came together from different bands in Bristol, our hometown. We all met each other through the music circuit, and one day found that we all wanted to push to do something different, a new sound which hadn’t been done before, a cross between pop/ rock and dance music! The music. The fun. An putting on great live shows! If you haven’t seen us, you’ll be in for a nice treat!

After forming we started writing demo’s, then took them to a studio, released them shortly after and started gigging the local circuit. We then set up a tour in the summer of 2009 and hit the road. Meeting cool bands and people! We then came back, hit the studio and recorded our 2nd e.p which excelled us on its released! Letting us play with awesome bands and undergo about 9 tours in one year! Woop!

Because you guys have been a band for a while now, what are some things you’ve learned from this experience? What’s been the biggest challenge you guys have had to face?
I think the biggest challenge. Is each other. As a band, we spend a lot of time together, on the road, in the studio, in the rehearsal space, sometimes for weeks on end. And you really learn about everyone around you, and their switches. Learning to control this, well that’s always a challenge. haha

Since you guys are from the UK, what do you think is the biggest difference between US and UK fans? Do you think there’s a difference in their response to your music?
Its hard to say because we’ve haven’t yet toured in the U.S. Having toured all round the U.K we met, spoke and hung out with are fans and they are the coolest people ever!!! I’m sure though, when we hit the USA they will be just as awesome!!!

What are some of your musical influences – both as a band and individually?
For all of us growing up it was all about the pop-punk scene. Blink-182, Homegrown, MXPX. Its what made us want to play in a band. Seeing how much fun they were having. Now we love literally EVERYTHING! We think its better to be open minded with music, that way you can have more places to pull inspiration from! As a band though, we’re all about pop, we love it!

I read somewhere on the interwebs that you guys are planning on releasing a full length some time this year. Is there any information about it that you guys can share with us?
Yeah, were currently writing for a full length. Its all going so well, we’re just trying to make the album we always want so it is taking some time! One thing we will promise you though, you won’t be disappointed!

What can we expect next from We Start Partys?
Well we are currently just about to head in to the studio to lay down our next single ‘Weekender’. Its going to be far more pop than we’ve ever gone! We’re quite excited to see how it comes out, but even more excited for the fans to hear something new

Last question – if you were a jellybean, what flavor would you be?
Dave :I’d have to be……. Smarties mcflurry flavour, I eat way too many of them!
Matt : Cheesy Doritos!!!!
Ben : Ben n Jerrys phish food…..winning!

Thanks for taking the time out to answer some of our questions. Is there anything else you guys would like to add or say to your fans?
A massive thank you to everyone who has ever supported us, and will support us in the future! We create music we love to play and enjoy to listen to, and you guys love it with us! Which makes us all one big family! So thank you!!!!

Where you can find We Start Party’s: Website | Twitter | Youtube


Original interview posted 2.17.12