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Poetry Corner!

so I had to do an extra credit assignment for English for our Literary magazine and I came up with this one, Dear ____, , in about 5 minutes. My friend Gloria helped me with a couple lines, and it helped a lot. I think I might do a Poetry Corner every week or so if I end up writing more again. Haven’t written in a while ANYWHO! enjoy. it’s one of my best.

Dear _______,

Good morning my love,

how are you today?

It’s been quite a while

since I’ve seen your face.

To see you smile

is like heaven above.

It makes me float on air

as if I were a dove.

I think of your laugh

on a sunny day,

even though it seems

so far away.

I’m writing this note

so you’ll remember me.

I’ll see you tomorrow,

if only in my dreams.