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PropertyOfZack Contributor Blog : : Jenn Enders


PropertyOfZack is extremely excited be to be launching our second Contributor Blog today with Jenn Enders. Jenn, who is Ace Ender’s wife, has an extremely interesting and very unique point of view on the industry that not many others would have the chance to experience because of her relationship with Ace and how the two of them handle nearly every decision regarding his career. Jenn, in her first of many blogs to come, discusses her views on individuals who do not approve of bands seeking to continue on their career in anyway possible, how brutal the industry can be, and most interesting of all, the I Can Make A Mess internship program that we have been hearing about for a few weeks now. Make sure to give it a good read because there are a bunch of great thoughts the industry and explanations on how the internship program will work!

Anyone with the misconception that the only reason it’s tough to make money as a musician is because people don’t care about your music aren’t even worth my time, yet here I am giving it to them just a week after Alternative Press shed light on the issue in the virally popular article “No Money, Mo’ Problems,” showing how a huge number of talented, successful, mainstay bands can’t make ends meet. It only makes me realize the obvious fact: That although sometimes they are few and far between, people love to hate. You could save the lives of a million babies and kittens and they will hate. Still, I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut. I feel it’s necessary to lay some things on the table, not to call anyone out and draw attention to negativity, but to better understand how we can create the community of support that could start moving music in a better direction.

I would hope that everyone in the world could agree that any band with a strong, loyal following deserves to make a living from their talent. I can’t really understand why anyone would want artists to have a hard time unless they’re living bitter lives of envy and regret. I can’t comprehend any criticism of a person for simply attempting to continue their career in spite of the widespread financial collapse of their industry that is affecting all musicians (regardless of age and length of time as a band). I also can’t wrap my head around criticism for being inspired by the help that supporters want to give. Especially when the person at the brunt of the criticism is just as dedicated to finding a solution for other musicians as they are for themselves.

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if you haven’t read this yet, you should.

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    Awesome article with my favorite touring mommy!
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    if you haven’t read this yet, you should.
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    I LOVE JENN!!!