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Review:: Everything I Want To Say | The Material


The first that I had heard of The Material was a few years ago. They covered Alkaline Trio’s “Bleeder” for a tribute collection, and as my favorite band, I hold their songs very near and dear to me – if you’re gonna touch an Alkaline Trio song, you’d better do it justice. Luckily, their rendition worked, so I allowed them to continue in my book unhated.

Now, fast-forward to 2013 and to their newest full-length, Everything I Want to Say.

Let out that breath; we’re still good. Led by the combination of Colleen D’Agostino’s powerhouse vocals and some of the heavier pop instrumentals I’ve heard recently, Everything I Want to Say is a blast.

“Life Vest” is used as a bit of a water-tester of sorts. As an intro, it softly guides the album in, with a low swoon and a gentle guitar strum. The further we delve into it, the more it builds and builds, adding layers of instruments and intensity along the way before the chorus crashes like an aural tidal wave. D’Agostino gives us our first taste of her vocal capabilities with a massive wail of “Hold me close and don’t let go.”

What gives the album that “little bit extra” is its unexpectedness at times. Whether it’s a sudden instrumental breakdown in a pop song (“Born to Make a Sound”), a gorgeously-calm, abrasive, acoustic-to-full-band recollection (“Bottles”), or a less-than-a-minute piano/vocal plea (“The Great Unknown”), they are chances taken and executed well.

To only draw focus to the vocals would be sinful, especially with each member providing great support and at time earning the spotlight. Kevin Pintado delivers on each song, and Jordan Meckley’s bass work (specifically on “Skin and Bone” or “Gasoline”) is steady and solid while the dual guitars of Roi Elam and Jon Moreaux mesh together greatly, whether acoustic or plugged-in.

As a whole, Everything I Want to Say leaves it all on the table, literally saying everything. Lyrically, it aches, begs, yearns, questions, pleads, demands, hopes. For an independently-released album, it certainly deserves its dues; it’s catchy and emotional, clever and heartfelt, genuine and authentic. If The Material are hoping to tell us something, we should be keeping an ear open.

Rating: 3.5/5

Total Runtime: 40 minutes.

Release Date: April 9th, 2013


1. Life Vest

2. Born to Make A Sound

3. Tonight I’m Letting Go

4. Running Away

5. Bottles

6. Skin and Bone

7. Gasoline

8. The Great Unknown

9. Love Me or Leave Me

10. Let Me in Again

11. Chances

Material is:

Colleen D’Agostino - Vocals

Jon Moreaux - Guitar

Roi Elam – Guitar

Jordan Meckley - Bass

Kevin Pintado - Drums

Written By: Eric Riley

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