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  1. Review:: Delusions EP | Love Crushed Velvet

    Fresh off of the recent successes of their debut album, Love Crushed Velvet continues their glamorous electronic romp through the music world with their latest release, Delusions.

    Led in by lead single “Revolution Time,” the EP carries a smooth, dark blend of classic rock and post-punk throughout a half a dozen tracks. Eerily synthesized and backed by heavy, thumping drums, the introductory track gives a grand example of what to expect, yet making sure not giving everything away.

    The vocal performances of A.L.X., specifically (though certainly not strictly) on “Bye Bye Baby,” are impressive; his quick-adjusting range shifts from dirty grit to soaring wails seamlessly.

    “Lover, Leave the Lights On” is a contagious throwback to an older ’80’s sound that digs itself in. Reminiscent of Synchronicity-era The Police, Duran Duran, or, for more modern reference, Interpol or Heavens, it is a definite A-side track of the EP.

    What gives Delusions such an interesting lasting value is how well it does things differently. In just over twenty minutes, the group takes their sound in a million different directions. They come into the album with an original sound to start with, and from that point, they tweak and twist and edit it into something else completely. Beginning with spacey glam-rock, they eventually end at “One Hundred Days,” which flirts with almost being alt-country. It was a bit unexpected, but it manages to come out victorious.

    While there’s a decent chance you have missed out on Love Crushed Velvet, Delusions gives you a handful of reasons to atone to that. Since it is only an EP, it’s on the shorter side time-wise. That being said, it gives any intrigued listener a perfect chance to become a fan. It’s low-risk, but high-reward.

    Release Date: September 24th, 2013
    Rating: 3.25/5
    Runtime: 22:41

    01. Revolution Time
    02. Bye Bye Baby
    03. Spotlight
    04. Jane, Your Light Won’t Change
    05. Lover, Leave the Lights On
    06. One Hundred Days

    Love Crushed Velvet Is:
    A.L.X. - Vocals, guitar
    Massimo Majorana - Drums

    Written By: Eric Riley