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Review:: The Good Youth | Blitz Kids

As cruel as this will sound, I’m saying it anyway – Blitz Kids aren’t Britain’s superstar export. And with bands like Bring Me the Horizon, You Me at Six, and Bastille, I think they’re aware of this. So, on their sophomore release, they take this information into consideration, in turn crafting an album that could put them on pace with those aforementioned frontrunners.

The Good Youth starts off with “All I Want Is Everything” – an escalating, echoing introduction with a simple, singable chorus that grabs the listener instantly, while successor “Run For Cover” holds steadily onto that interest.

The album’s first real spotlight grabber is the optimistic, wide-eyed “Keep Swinging.” James’ vocals (at this point) are the best they’ve sounded, while the lyrics and message are supportive and encouraged. The backing “whoa-oh-ohhh” behind the chorus is a nice touch, and the instrumentals are top-notch. The same can be said for “Title Fight,” whose The Fall of Troy-esque guitar introduction reignites the album’s pace following one of the record’s slower pieces.

While the poppier/punkier tracks draw comparisons to the likes of You Me at Six or Thieves and Villains (see: “Perfect”), their slower work is more personal and unique. Quick, sharp violin strikes jut in and out of the verses of “Long Road,” the group’s first display of a slower tempo. The song is a great success and halves the album nicely. “Pinnacle” is the broadest sound on The Good Youth, and thanks to a well-executed rising and falling vocal scale and the addition of a short feminine presence, it doesn’t miss.

To be totally honest, I was pretty impressed with my first listen through The Good Youth. But as I kept hitting repeat, it consistently grew on me. And now, after a handful of plays, I’m pretty blown away. This album comes from a relatively young group, but it feels experienced and toned. It’s huge when it has to be and calm when it wants, and it’s one that leaves me wishing the absolute best for this group in the future.

Release Date: January 21st, 2014
Rating: 4.25/5
Runtime: 43:15

Track list:
1. “All I Want Is Everything”
2. “Run For Cover”
3. “On My Own”
4. “Sometimes”
5. “Keep Swinging”
6. “Long Road”
7. “Sold My Soul”
8. “Perfect”
9. “Pinnacle”
10. “Title Fight”
11. “Roll the Dice”
12. “The Sound of a Lost Generation”

Joe James – Vocals 
Jono Yates - Guitar
Nic Montgomery - Bass
Matt Freer – Drums

Written By: Eric Riley