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Our photographer is in a contest to shoot the AP tour and needs some extra votes. Voting ends in

Do YOU want to help out Lucy Out Loud?!

We’re currently looking for music reviewers! That includes writing reviews on EP’s and albums of any and all genres! If interested, leave your e-mail address in our ask box or as an @reply to @loserfacelucy. Also include a reason why you think you should be chosen! We will contact you back sometime this weekend!


  1. Positions as music reviewers are unpaid!
  2. Serious inquiries ONLY! We’re looking for reviewers who will respond frequently and will be able to finish their reviews by the deadlines given to them.
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random post.

thinking about resetting my iPod so i can wipe it clean.

i was trying to back up the music i have on my computer to my iPod, but the only library that comes up when i go through the files when it’s connected is my old library from when my computer crashed 2 years ago.

so i need an opinion. should i just wipe it clean and then sync it to my iTunes again?

dear lovely followers,

i just found out i have an extra credit assignment due tomorrow for my communications class and…well…i’m stuck. it has to do with media business and putting together a proposal and concept and…yeah.

i actually have 2 due tomorrow, but the other one i can probably work out by myself. if you think you can help me at all, IM me on AIM: LoserfaceLucy

i’d seriously appreciate it :)


Ultimately, I want to help others.

me and my indecisiveness…it kills me.

i had originally picked out my outfit for tomorrow’s show last month, but changed my mind cause i didn’t want to wear the shirt i had planned. this past weekend i bought the tank top and jacket in the first picture and had decided i would wear that. but then i found the tank top in the second picture that i was planning on wearing to the show in february, but never did.

here’s where you folks come in. which tank top do you like better? the first tank top is super cute and is a racerback and is kinda open in the back. the white one has black roses on it. wearing them with jean shorts(unless the weather is crappy, and i’ll have to wear leggings) and my signed white converse.

i seriously need a cure for indecisiveness.

NEW: Beatles covers - Harry & Alfie(@harryalfiemusic)