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You Be The Anchor (live @ Ramapo) | Mayday Parade

Jersey (live @ Ramapo) | Mayday Parade

Jersey IN Jersey is always a kickass time.

Secret Valentine (live @ Ramapo) | We The Kings

Misery(live @ Ramapo) | The Maine

Open Letter(live) | The Amity Affliction

Inside of You(Live from the Pioneer tour) | The Maine(@themaine)

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GO LIVE: Panic! At The Disco - “The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage”

Brendon Urie was sick with Malaria so Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees was the guest singer. You can check out the setlist here to find out who did vocals on the other songs.

supjustin: Blink-182 will be performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live next Monday.


Blink-182 will be performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live next Monday.

NEW: Pick up The Maine(@themaine)’s album Black and White for only $6.99 at Target from now until June 4th!

You can also watch videos of The Maine live by clicking the links below:

  • Live In Florida
  • Listen To Your Heart(live in London)
  • Into Your Arms(live in London)
  • Don’t Stop Now(acoustic)
  • set for Invisible Children

SmartPunk Live - A Rocket To The Moon(@ARTTM)

Lights Out(live) - We Are The In Crowd(@wearetheincrowd)

Can’t Stop(Live Acoustic) - The After Party(@theafterparty)

Stays Four The Same(Pop Tart acoustic version) - The Ready Set(@thereadyset)


NEW: Bruno Mars Medley(live w/ukulele) - Justin Robinett

featuring: Billionaire, Count On Me, Just The Way You Are and Grenade

NEW: Live music video and behind-the-scenes tour video of Get Up by Mayday Parade(@mayday_parade)