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  1. New Music Video:

    “I Wrote This Song” | Antillectual

  2. Boston Manor Announce Debut Album

    UK pop-punk band Boston Manor have announced their highly anticipated debut album, Be Nothing. The album, produced by Neil Kennedy (Milk Teeth, More Than Life) and mixed by Kyle Black (New Found Glory, All Time Low), will be released on September 30th via Pure Noise Records! 

    Check out the album art and track listing for Be Nothing below!

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  3. New Music:

    “Bullet” | Blonde Roses

  4. New Music:

    “It Must Be Nice To Be You” | New Native

    This track is off the band’s upcoming EP, Swing Low, out this Friday via Anchor Eighty Four Records! 

  5. New Music Video:


    This track is off the band’s self-titled album, out now!

  6. New Acoustic Video:

    “Hold On” | The Brevet

    This live acoustic video by The Brevet is a one-take version of their track “Hold On” off their upcoming EP Embers, out today!

  7. New Lyric Video:

    “Life Afraid” | Set It Off

    This track is off the band’s upcoming album, Upside Down, to be released October 7th via Equal Vision Records!

  8. TrxlleyDxdgers Announce New Tour

    Cincinnati rock trio TrxlleyDxdgers recently released dates for their upcoming tour! Comprised of Loren Turner (former Foxy Shazam guitarist), Clinton Jacob (vocals), and Amanda Deford (drums), this will be the bands first time on the road together. Turner shares, “It’s been about two years since I’ve stepped foot on stage, I’m really excited to get out and start cutting our teeth with this new project.”

    Check out the list of dates below. For additional information or to purchase tickets, click here!

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  9. New Music Video:

    “Slow Motion” | HEIRSOUND

    This track is off the band’s debut EP, Merge, to be released this Friday!

  10. Video Premiere:: “Sleepover” - Kyle Britton


    It doesn’t take long for Kyle Britton’s “Sleepover” to dig itself into your head. While the first bright, plucky chords are enough to get you tapping a foot, by the time the chorus comes along, there’s no chance at you sitting still. Playful, simple, and far from innocent (in all of the good ways), Britton’s breezy voice and carefree attitude are seasonally perfect, setting the mood for that lazy Sunday afternoon or that morning where you need to hit the snooze button just one more time.

    Kyle had this to say about the track, “Sleepover is a playful song about lovers turning off the world, locking themselves away from the day, skipping out on all responsibilities and living in their perfect universe. There is no amount of money or ramification too great that could take this day away from them.” Check out the music video for “Sleepover” below!

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  11. New Music:

    “Riding On Your Love (Acoustic)” | J Churcher

    This track is off J Churcher’s new album, Borderland State, to be released September 9th via 37 Adventures! 

  12. New Music Video:

    “Not For Sale” | Crobot

    This track is off the band’s upcoming album, Welcome To Fat City, to be released September 23rd via Wind-Up Records!

  13. Photo Blog:

    Old Wounds, Mayday Parade, Cane Hill
    What: Vans Warped Tour, Day 19
    When & Where: 7/15/16, First Niagara Pavilion; Burgettstown, PA
    By: Caitlyn Willard

  14. New Music Video:

    “Come Home” | Can’t Swim

    This track is off the band’s latest release Death Deserves A Name, out now via Pure Noise Records!

  15. Get To Know:: LAYNE

    Members: Layne Putnam ( Lower case Layne ) ; Alexander Rosca
    Genre: Indie pop / rock
    Location: Los Angeles
    Recent Release: “Good

    We were intrigued by LAYNE upon first listen of their single “Good” and apparently we’re not the only ones. The track was featured on Spotify’s U.S. Spotify Viral 50 and Global Viral 50 charts and - oh yeah, it just passed one million streams. The duo will be releasing their EP The Black Hills later this summer, so if you’ve yet to check out these Los Angeles indie rockers, get your stuff together and do it. Get to know LAYNE below!

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