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New Music Video:

Let You Down Fritz Montana

This song was featured on our summer compilation, SPF14, meaning you can download this song for free! To download the compilation, click here for more info!

 Dinosaur Pile Up   | Silver Spring, MD

Photo by Caitlyn Willard

Dinosaur Pile Up | Silver Spring, MD

Photo by Caitlyn Willard

Show Review:: Dinosaur Pile Up, Man Man, and Brand New 7/13

Dinosaur Pile Up, Man Man, and Brand New
The Fillmore - Silver Spring, MD
Sunday, July 13th 2014

I’ve loved Brand New for years now and for a while it seemed like I would never get the chance to see them live considering how quickly their shows sell out. Well, I finally had my opportunity to see them this past weekend and it did not disappoint. As a bonus, I also got to see them play at one of my favorite venues, The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD.

To kick the night off, Dinosaur Pile-Up took the stage. The set-up for the band takes the shape of a triangle, with guitar, bass and drums on each of the pointy angles. This UK trio brought a ton of energy to the big room, and their blend of grunge and alt rock was plenty enjoyable.

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New Music:

Everything That Kept Me Moving Meridian

This track is off the bands upcoming album, The Awful Truth, to be released on September 2nd.

New Music:

Only A Memory Homemade Crazy 

This track is off the bands debut album, Synergy, to be released on August 19th!

New Music Video:

The Jerk Joyce Manor

New Lyric Video:


We had the chance to chat with Plaid Brixx last month about their debut EP! Check out our interview with the band here.

New Music:


LIGHTS Announces New Album and Fall Tour

LIGHTS will be releasing her new record, Little Machines, on September 23rd! You can check out the pre-order bundles here.

To support the record, LIGHTS will be hitting the road this fall as well. Below you can find the track listing and fall tour dates!

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New Music:

Blue Eyes Lucy Scholl

New Music Video:

Jean Jacket The Sixties

Review:: Ars Moriendi | The Collection


When first prompted with this assignment, I entered with a heavy heart.

I had recently dealt with the self-inflicted loss of a close friend, and upon receiving this album, I learned the members of Greensboro, North Carolina’s The Collection composed the record within the aftershock of a friend’s suicide. The album combines often dark, uncertain thoughts with roaring, massive instrumentals and passionate vocals. This sort of juxtaposition lends a hint at the reasoning behind the album’s title: Ars Moriendi. Sharing the name of ancient Latin text written during the period of the Black Death, which detailed protocol on how to “die well,” the record acts (to me, being overly-analytical) as translations of the values the texts taught - that dying has a good side, that there are chances for consolation and redemption, that death is not something to be afraid of. It is, literally, the art of dying.

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