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Review:: New Fangs Old Pangs | Yellow Red Sparks


The California band Yellow Red Sparks exude a fresh new
perspective on the indie-folk genre. The duo, Joshua Hanson and Sara Lynn Nishikawa, emit a joyful and quirky vibe that immediately caught my ear from the start;
they don’t hesitate to embrace a full range of instruments making them sound
much bigger than themselves.

Yellow Red Sparks takes the core of the classic folk genre and runs
with it to make it their own in this EP through elements of an upbeat and
whimsical ambiance that is contagious. Paired with the lightness of their
music, comes with some seriously melancholy and heart wrenching lyrics.

The lighthearted first track “I Want My Knife Back” is a fun
introduction to the album as it encompasses their signature care-free energy.
There is true emotion, hardships and life struggles being discussed that are
all juxtaposed cleverly with their overall exuberance.  The track “I’m Fine” is similar in theme and
is one of the only tracks where I clearly hear the voice of Sara throughout,
while most vocals seem dominated by Joshua.

The tracks “Seven Seas” and “If I Get It, Then You’ve Got It” is
a perfect example of the bands mastery of the depressingly beautiful theme of
love lost through the dramatic musical composition and somber lyricism. Other
slower tracks like “New Fangs (Darkling)” oozes of a classic love song that
highlights the vocals of Joshua paired with the acoustic guitar.

“Violet” is blunt and quirky love song framed in a haunting,
bitter light lyrically that contrasts perfectly with the joyous guitar and
percussion. Unexpected beachy-esque guitar riffs throughout the album added a
unique flare to their folk sound, especially in this track.

This band has the ability to take the mundane, every-day problems
of relationships and life and create an exciting, unpredictable whirlwind of
sounds revolving around pure jubilation. There is an honest and genuine
component to them that makes their music naturally relatable and lovable.

Release date: October 16th, 2015
Run time: 21 minutes
Rating: 5/5

Track listing:
1.  I
Want My Knife Back
2.  Seven
3.  If I
Get It, Then You’ve Got It
4.  I’m
5.  Violet
6.  New
Fangs (Darkling)

Written by Kelsey Rzepecki

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