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About Lucy Out Loud

Lucy Out Loud was founded in 2010, originally intended to be a website used in promoting the upcoming shows and music of friends and local bands from all over the country. After a few months of only music news and a handful of interviews, it was realized that Lucy Out Loud needed to grow into something more. Since mid-2011, Lucy Out Loud has been actively expanding, adding a select group of writers, photographers, and interviewers to the staff. With each addition, the possibility of transitioning into something bigger and better continued to grow, strengthened by each new member’s passion for the music we cover.

Now, in an endless pursuit of new artists to cover and new members to do so, the site has grown from merely posting news and interviews into one that contains album and show reviews, live photo galleries, exclusive features, contributor blogs, and contests and giveaways.

*Please direct all press releases, requests and any other inquiries to Lucy Binetti or Eric Riley*

Lucy Binetti
Editor-In-Chief / Feature Writer
[email protected]

Eric Riley
Managing Editor / Senior Photographer
[email protected]

Kelsey Rzepecki
Feature and Review Editor

Zarrin Alam, Randy Asakura, Justine Be, Carina Browder, Emillie Marvel, Clarissa Meneses, Kyle McCoy, Victoria Swink

Anthony Duty, Mari Loth, Nikki Neumann, Jessica Norwood, Jeff Shultz

Contributing Writers:
Devon Anderson,Ryan Dekkinga, Kara Kokinos, Kristen Schell, Kerianne Wilson

Contributing Photographers:
Caitlyn Willard, Zach Foerst, Gina Garcia, Katie Cahalin