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50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW (Part 3)


It’s that time of year again and South By Southwest(SXSW) is just around the corner! We’ve decided to bring back our “50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss” feature, which will run from today until March 16th, the day before the Music section of SXSW begins! Check out our third installment (acts 21-30, in no particular order) of artists we think you need to check out below!

Previous posts: 1 | 2

*Note: some acts we’ve included are performing at South By So What?! and not South By Southwest. However, since the festival takes place during the week of South By Southwest, we’ve decided to still include them in our list!

The Vantage
Austin natives, this duo’s upbeat indie-pop blend is a sure fit for South By Southwest. In fact, the band made their live debut at the festival back in 2013 performing alongside American Authors and The Mowgli’s. The band recently premiered their new single over on Earmilk and has plans to release new music this spring.
Where to catch The Vantage:
3.17 – 11pm – Spring Break ATX @ Roof Top on Sixth; 3.18 – 1:15pm – Spring Break ATX @ Roof Top on Sixth; 3.18 - 4pm - AudioCommon @ Brass House Tavern; 3.18 – 12am – Red Gorilla @ The Blind Pig; 3.20 - 10pm @ Shakespeare’s; 3.21 – 1:30pm – 101X Live Broadcast @ Buffalo Billiards.

Alexz Johnson
I’ve been a fan of Alexz Johnson since her “So Weird” days when I was about 7 and fell in love with her music when she began acting in “Instant Star” when I was 11. Over 10 years later, and her talent still amazes me. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and seeing this lovely lady perform her new music acoustic and I was simply blown away. Her live performances sound even better than her recorded tracks and I highly suggest catching her perform at least once.
Where to catch Alexz Johnson:
3.21 – Official SXSW Showcase

Gang of Four

After having a revolving-door lineup for the better part of four decades, this legendary Leeds group is back at it once again, with original lead vocalist Andy Gill rejoining the band once more. While he may be the only original member currently performing with the group, I’m sure their reputation is far from at-risk.
Where to catch Gang of Four: 3.19 – 6pm – Dr. Martens/Culture Collide Showcase @ Bar 96; 3.19 – 11:30pm – Official SXSW Showcase @ Hotel Vegas Patio; 3.20 – 1pm – Daytime Radio Day Stage @ Austin Convention Center; 3.20 – 8pm – Evening Showcase @ Hotel San Jose.

These grunge rockers are progressively making their names known and for all the right reasons. Their first EP, “Salute to Solitude,” was recorded with Nick Diener of The Swellers in 2013 and their debut full length is being recorded at 37 Studios, to be released within the year. Drawing influences from Nirvana, The Misfits, and Alice In Chains, these guys are sure to make you rock your socks off.
Where to catch Ana: 3.19 – 313EG Showdown @ Dirty Dog Bar.

Jukebox The Ghost
At the tail-end of a nationwide tour, Jukebox the Ghost’s hooks and glamour will find them a fitting home alongside acts like MisterWives and The Maine. The band has had an impressive year thus far including a performance on Conan and full headlining tour. After South By, you can also catch these guys at Hop Sauce Festival at the end of the month and the Pinelands Music Festival in August. I don’t think these guys are going to stop touring anytime soon.
Where to catch Jukebox The Ghost: 3.17 – 10pm @ Bungalow; 3.18 – 2pm – Noisetrade Official Day Party @ Blackheart; 3.18 – 4:35pm - Stage Hop Party @ Parish; 3.19 – 6:50pm - IFC Fairgrounds @ Palm Park; 3.19 – 9pm – This Fiction and Friends Showcase @ Esther’s Follies; 3.19 – 1am @ Esther’s; 3.20 – 3:30pm – Quantum Collective Southwest Invasion @ Whole Foods; 3.20 - 6:45pm – Audiotree Showcase @ Licha’s Cantina

Hippo Campus

With a fresh new EP added to their arsenal, Minnesota’ Hippo Campus (which sounds like an awesome location) may be “kinda pop,” as they describe themselves, but are sure to turn some heads. Thus far, they’ve already gained attention from NME, Neon Gold, Interview Magazine, and they’re definitely on our radar as well!
Where to catch Hippo Campus: 3.16 – 6:15pm – AV Club “Just Another Manic Monday” @ RED7; 3.18 – 4:20pm – C3 Party @ Lamberts; 3.19 – 1pm – FLOODfest @ Cedar Street Courtyard; 3.19 – 9pm – StarTime Intl. Official SXSW Showcase @ Maggie Mae’s; 3.20 – 1pm – Morning After Party @ Front Gate Tickets; 3.20 – 4:15pm – First Avenue’s Midwest Day Party 2015 @ Holy Mountain; 3.21 – 11:30am – Rachel Ray’s Feedback @ Stubb’s BBQ.

X Ambassadors

Don’t let the success of “Jungle” distract you; this band is much more than just one huge single. The band recently released their newest single, “Renegades,” and will be performing alongside Passion Pit and Andre McMahon at the Big Guava Music Festival this May. These Brooklyn-based rockers are sure to make a scene.
Where to catch X Ambassadors: 3.19 – 3:15pm – New Shapes @ Red Eyed Fly; 3.19 – 12am – This Fiction Official Showcase @ Esther’s; 3.20 – 4pm – Baeble Party @ Empire Auto; 3.20 – 11pm – Uproxx House @ Trinity Hall; 3.21 – 2pm – Quantum Invasion @ Whole Foods; 3.21 – 8pm – IFC Fairgrounds. 

Modern Chemistry
Though they’ve only been together for a handful of years, Modern Chemistry have wasted no time in finding their sound. Hard, heavy, and melodic, this New Jersey four-piece could be poised for big things, much like many who have come before them. They’ve already played alongside some of our favorites including Echosmith, The Swellers, NGHBRS, and Taking Back Sunday. We completely support these Jersey boys.
Where to catch Modern Chemistry: 3.21 – 12pm – The Noise Showcase; 3.21 – 8pm – Official SXSW Showcase @ Red 7 Patio

The Wans
This psychedelic, garage rock band have been making a name for themselves since forming about two years ago. They’ve opened for artists including Pearl Jam and Beck, have had their music featured on ABC, A&E, and USA, and they released their latest album last September. This is a no-nonsense band filled with high energy and an incredible live presence.
Where to catch The Wans:
3.18 – 12am - Official SXSW Showcase @ Red Eyed Fly; 3.19 – 1pm – Sonic Tonic Showcase @ Amli Downtown; 3.21 – 2pm – Noisetrade Party @ The Blackheart; 3.21 – 5pm – Rock N Roll Day Perty @ Trailer Space Records; 3.21 – 10pm - Official SXSW Showcase @ Soho Lounge.

Kendra McKinley

Often armed with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and soaring voice, McKinley transcends genres and decades, seamlessly transitioning from 60’s doo-wop to modern pop without skipping a beat.
Where to catch Kendra McKinley:
3.17 – 2:05pm - Balanced Breakfast Showcase @ The Jackalope

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