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update/random rant.

so today or tomorrow i was supposed to go with Gloria to check out the venue that Set It Off is going to be playing in Jersey in a few weeks. since ya know, it’s completely new and we wanna see where it is cause it’s about a half hour away(according to google) and whatnot. but it’s been snowing all day. so it’s probably a very small possibility of going tomorrow. maybe we’ll go next week instead.

in any case, i’m slightly bummed.

Set It Off barely plays Jersey and when they do, it’s never around here, except for that time in February that i saw them for my birthday. i’ve been trying to see if i could work out an in-person interview with them for the past 3 months. i’ve talked to their publicist and she thinks an email interview would be better, but i sent that out 2 months ago so the way that i see it - doing one in person would be faster and (most likely) more entertaining. i even messaged both Andrew and Maxx. i really didn’t want to ask the guys because i didn’t want to be annoying or anything, but i messaged Maxx because he was the one that originally gave me their email address to contact them about an interview. and i messaged Andrew because Nicole and I spent most of our time at that show in February hanging out with him and the guys at their merch table so…i dont know, figured maybe he could help.

i was going to try asking Cody, but again, i really don’t want to be ‘that person’ and be all annoying by asking everyone. i just wanted to see if there was any way to make this interview possible. i get my new camera next week, right in time for the show, so the interview would be in really good quality too and just…ugh. they never play here so this is bumming me out =\ my last option right now is to try emailing their publicist again or asking them at their show. and yes, i’m still going to the show regardless if i can get this interview or not, but i could really use more in-person interviews and Set It Off is one of my favorite bands, and one of the nicest i’ve ever met. and i don’t know which i should do or if i should do either. i need an opinion or something. help, please? =\

  1. lucy-out-loud posted this