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random time.

felt the need to write a personal post considering it’s been a while. i’m looking over my other blog that i use for posts that are a little too personal or detailed to post on here. reading over the last couple posts makes me upset. it makes me upset to think that i was in such a weird place that i became so hard on myself. if you know me, you know i’m a positive person. but these past few months have been hard and at times i think it got the best of me. but i’m doing my best to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

to those of you that saw the extended version of this post, i stand by every word. however, after re-reading it, i just didn’t find the need to keep it all on here. but here is some advice from me to you, anybody that is currently reading this:

music is an outlet. take advantage of it. shut the rest of the world out and forget your problems for even a few minutes. friends are your comfort. go to those that you would trust with all your heart. whether you believe it or not, they understand what you’re going through and they can help you. you just need to open yourself up enough to let them.