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No more bullshitting.

that would be one of my new years resolutions. no more bullshitting and procrastinating. i started classes again this past week so i’m just now getting back into school mode and adjusting to my schedule. on top of that, i’ve also got work. this is where the no more bullshitting comes in.

in november - december, we were swamped because of the holidays, but it’s calmed down a lot more and my hours aren’t as crazy. i procrastinate a lot because i lack motivation. recently, a few friends of mine have been trying to give me tips on how to focus more and get shit done, and i’m keeping them in mind constantly.

one thing i’m working on right now is interviews. i’ve been emailing left and right to get a few in-person interviews, since last year i didn’t make that a priority of mine. as of right now: i’ll be interviewing a band from Jersey, The New Royalty, this Friday. i’ll also be posting 2 interviews(one text and one video) sometime this week. and i’m working on getting a new section together that hopefully turns out as good as i’m hoping it will.

it’s not like i owe anyone an explanation, but i thought i would share a little insight on what’s currently going on. expect some updates this week. expect some new interviews. expect some giveaways. expect awesomeness.

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