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lifewithlemonade asked: Name: Christin

Age: well, i'll be 17 in like 2 weeks so can i be 17?

Country: i wish it was Narnia

Something about yourself: i'm happy

What you like to reblog: stuff that makes me laugh, inspires me, or goes along with my mood.

Why you follow me: cause i like your blog

What you like about my blog: hehe, uhmm...i like all the music stuff you post!

What you don’t like about my blog: uhmmm...i pretty much like everything you post or i would have unfollowed you

A question for me: avril lavigne or beyonce(not gonna hate you whichever you pick cause i like both:)

i’ll be 18 in 3 weeks! :)

haha well good to know you haven’t unfollowed me then xP and thank you :)

i’d probably say avril because i actually own her cds lol no offense to beyonce. her voice is pretty incredible.

  1. lifewithlemonade said: well happy early birthday, aha your welcome:) oh my gosh have you heard Avrils new single? its so amazing!!
  2. lucy-out-loud posted this