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Interview: William Beckett

We originally had planned to see William Beckett on tour with The Rocket Summer earlier this month, but due to Hurricane Sandy, that show was cancelled. So instead of pictures or videos of that show, we caught up with him via email to ask him questions about his brand new EP and his future plans! Check out the interview below!

It’s been over a year since the split of The Academy Is…, what differences have you noticed between performing/traveling solo vs in a band?

Well, there are less arguments, I’ll tell you that. Ha!  When I began playing shows at seventeen and eighteen I would perform solo, so in a lot of way playing solo is very comfortable for me. I’ve made some lifelong friends this year simply by interacting with other bands on the road more often. 

You recently were a part if a Hurricane Sandy benefit show. How did it go and how was the turnout?

It was a greet experience to be able to help out, even in the smallest way.  What was crazy about it was that night a blizzard swept through the area, so a lot of people on twitter and Facebook were stuck at home in the area and couldn’t make it out.  We made the best of it though, playing over 2 hours, switching off songs with The Classic Crime, and we ended up raising over 1k.

Your newest EP ‘What Will Be’ dropped the end of last month. How would you say this EP differs from ‘Walk The Talk’ and ‘Winds Will Change’?

I worked on What Will Be with the same producer as I did with Winds Will Change, so those 2 are more alike sonically.  However, the EPs are meant to be listened to together, as a collection, from front to back.  From Compromising Me on through Our Story’ s Already Been Told, the journey is concluded in the end.  The 3 EPs chronicle the mercurial arch of a relationship, and how, as time passes, staying together gets more complicated and challenging.

You’ve released 3 EP’s within the past year. Can we expect more new music before the end of 2012?

Funny you should ask!  I am actually releasing 4 exclusive singles to my fan community, The William Beckett Society.  They will be available for members only, and they’ll be released in the coming weeks.  There is still time to sign up and that can be done at  All the cool nerds are doing it. 

What can we expect to see and hear next from William Beckett in 2012 and 2013(if the world doesn’t end, at least…)?

I’ve got a big Chicago Holiday show coming up in December after my tour with Never Shout Never.  Then in 2013 I have plans to get back in the studio to work on a full length, and then I’ll be back out on the road shortly after.  If John Cusack can save us all, that is…

William Beckett: Website | Facebook | Twitter 

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