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Show Review:: The Hush Sound.

Just because there’s a lockout during hockey season this year doesn’t mean that Saturdays in Boston aren’t entertaining. Luckily for us, when our sports bail on us, we’ve still got our music.

And when The Hush Sound rolled into Cambridge for a pair of concerts, the fans knew to expect something great.

Coming back from hiatus, bands always run the risk of having lost their original spark. Maybe their chemistry faded with time, maybe the fans outgrew them, or maybe it just isn’t the same way it used to be. Then again, in regards to the Chicago quartet, all of this is fortunately hypothetical, because they were as spot-on as I’ve ever heard them.

Opening their sold-out second show of the day (following a pick-the-setlist fan-voted matinee) with “Honey,” the group came out in full force, saying a quick hello before diving into a nearly uninterrupted seventy-minute set consisting of songs from all three albums.

With the exception of a few brief guitar tunings and applause breaks after each song, the show flew by. Crowd favorites like “Medicine Man” and “Wine Red” had fans singing along, while the slow “Magnolia” calmed down the sold-out room.

The highlight of the night was obviously the music, magnified hugely by the fact that a band who were an alumni a few weeks ago were now standing onstage again. But putting that aside, the group’s collaboration with one another is what was so key – cracking smiles and making jokes, constantly thanking the crowd and calling us beautiful (aww, shucks), it was an added level of awesomeness. The audience devoured their cheesy humor, including one instance of Salpeter paying homage to their Chicagoan roots by welcoming us to “TT Da Bear’s.”

After only a minute or so of a rest, they came back onstage for a short encore. Rob Morris and Greta resumed the show, with an acoustic rendition of “The Artist.” While the rest of the group rejoined the vocal duo, Salpeter messed around on her keys, practicing for her dream job – singing lounge-singer renditions of old Limp Bizkit songs, playing a quick (and tolerable) version of “Break Stuff.”

The night came to a close with the crowd-voted “You Are My Home,” a track they say they rarely get to play live and didn’t have time for at their earlier show. As the song faded out and the band said their second round of goodbyes, the crowd still cheered for more. But what the band did spectacularly was leave us with that – feeling satisfied, but still wanting more. They played a marathon set, hardly stopping to even hear applause, but kept the same high energy throughout.

As far as reunion shows go, it was brilliant. As a concert in general, had you not known about their previous hiatus, you wouldn’t have guessed that this band had ever taken a break.

Let’s hope they’re done with those.


  • Honey
  • Not Your Concern
  • Don’t Wake Me Up
  • Sweet Tangerine
  • We Intertwined
  • Love You Much Better
  • Magnolia
  • As You Cry
  • Wine Red
  • The Boy’s Too Refined
  • Carry Me Home
  • Molasses
  • Medicine Man


  • The Artist (acoustic)
  • You Are My Home (full band)

Date: November 17th, 2012
Venue: TT the Bear’s. Cambridge, MA.
Set time: 75 Minutes.
Openers: Tommy & the High Pilots, Destry

Written By: Eric Riley

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