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danielledev replied to your post: danielledev replied to your video: bringing this…

I hate that, no matter what show i go to i’m always by some couple who is making out like theres no tomorrow lol. yea i hung out for a little by their vans but no i didn’t see that…was Stereo inside?

haha when i went to SoR in October, during The Ready Set’s performance, there was a drunk dude dancing behind us. and by dancing i mean throwing himself at us and basically moshing with himself. oh, and screaming in our ears. fun.

no, stereo was outside with artist vs poet. brian had gone inside the van to sleep or something and some girl wanted a picture with him. kevin started telling them to rock the van to wake him up. it worked. lol

  1. danielledev said: i’m never by people like that haha but without fail ill be behind the tallest people in the place or by the couple practically having sex with each other. aww well i guess a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to get a picture lol.
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